Okay we get it, Pretty Little Liars writers are trying to make Spaleb happen, but maybe they’re trying a little too hard.

Call me crazy, but it seems as though they’ve been pushing the new couple on us since before 6A ended.

Of course there was no romantic connection at that point, but while Charlotte was still A, Spencer and Caleb were going on searches together and randomly hanging out. It was weird but I brushed it off because, well, Haleb was meant to be forever.


The actual romantic extension to their relationship was obviously introduced to viewers when 6B kicked off earlier this year and it came as a MASSIVE shock (to say the least) to fans.

Reasons being:

1. Caleb and Spencer? Really? No amount of hanging out pre-6B would have prepared us for that.

2. As mentioned above Haleb was meant to be forever and to other fans so was Spoby.

3. Their romantic interaction was actually gag-worth. Literally watching their first kiss in episode 13 like:


4. Then there’s the fact that Hanna lost her virginity to Caleb – one does not date their best friend’s first and one does not date their ex’s best friend. Learn some boundaries babes (talking to both Spencer and Caleb).

I wasn’t the only one feeling off about the couple. Social media was full of disappointed fans begging the return of Haleb (and Spoby).

Like @DarkForest1 who on 2 February compared Spaleb to a terminal illness:

PLL tweet

Or there’s @princessmartha_ who would practically cut ties with anyone who ‘ships’ the new couple:


And for a more recent expression of distaste there’s this one… I don’t understand what @fuckmejawregui’s caption says but the image is pretty straightforward:


It took us and a few other fans a several episodes to start coming around to the idea of the couple. By about episode 15 I was SOMEWHAT accepting of Spencer and Caleb’s thing.

That was until episode 16 aired and I realised PLL is trying WAYYYY too hard to make them happen, so much so that the couple is actually pissing me off.


Well, we’re forced to watch Hanna be all touchy feely with some Aussie – obviously this is being done to convince us that she’s moved on.

They gave us a pretty permanent reason for their split in the throwback – they’ve grown apart.

But worst of all, the excessive displays of Spaleb affection.


The resting her head on his hand (I mean who does that?), him threatening Mona on her behalf and him listening to her never-ending blabber (seriously, Caleb never talks about himself).

Take a giant step back with the affection please. Maybe we’d have an easier time accepting the change if it wasn’t being thrown in our faces every – single – episode.

Do you think PLL is trying too hard to make Spaleb happen or are you already shipping the new couple?

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  1. I’ve always thought that Spencer has great chemistry with all the guys she’s ever been paired up with. However, when it comes to her and Caleb, it just doesn’t feel right because Caleb and Hanna have always been perfect for each other to the point where it’s almost impossible to envision Hanna and Caleb ending up with anyone else.

    The whole Caleb-Spencer thing also feels forced especially because of the steamy scenes. Unfortunately, it’s not believable because I personally think it’s out of character for her to go out with Caleb who used to be her best friend’s boyfriend. Yes, she has ‘stolen’ Melissa’s boyfriends before but never intentionally.

    If the writers had stayed true to her character, I highly doubt she’d actually date Caleb as she’s smart and analytical, thus it’s more likely that she’d consider the consequences if their relationship doesn’t end well and how that might affect her friendship with Hanna and (in the future) Caleb.



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