Fans have been twiddling their thumbs since Jessica Jones dropped last year, waiting for their next hit of the Netflix/Marvel union.

For three months they remained patient (maybe there was some demanding on social media), but today their restraint was rewarded with a sneak peek of the follow up to Daredevil’s unforgettable first season.

Released on Youtube was a two minutes and 40 second trailer of season two, focusing on the arrival of the anti-hero, Punisher.

And boy was it worth the wait.

The first trailer was jam packed with eerie music, action, conflict and even a touch of romance between an unexpected couple.

Needless to say it had several epic moments and here were our 10 faves:


1. Seeing the ‘Castle’ mailbox and remnants of Frank’s former life

mail box


2. Which quickly fades into Punisher’s vengence

Daredevil Punish


3. Karen surprised us when she questioned Daredevil’s role in the anti-hero’s arrival



4. But it wasn’t as shocking as when it looked like she was getting intimate with Matt


Nooo we’re Team Fogren!


5. Of course seeing him fighting in the actual Daredevil suit was pretty epic



6. Especially when he was going head-to-head with Punisher


And losing a little :/


7. Our jaws dropped when Punisher said this:



8. And our eyes grew at the thought of Matt crossing the line into Punisher’s destructive world



9. But there was no better way to bring the action down than with Elektra’s quiet entrance



10. And nothing was more epic than finding out we’re getting another trailer in NINE DAYS!


Watch the full trailer below:

Did anything else stand out to you?

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