“What the hell was that? Did she seriously just do that? Oh my gosh, ew, stop! Spencer f#ck off!”

Some fans host viewing parties, others Skype their reactions and then there are fans like me and my bestie who text non-stop throughout the entire episode!

Literally, every second of the Pretty Little Liars episode our eyes will either be locked on the screen or on our phones while our fingers furiously type away.


We throw around theories, trash our favourite characters (because we love to hate them) and destroy the ones we actually loathe (Sara!!!).

I’m sure there are thousands of BFFs out there doing the same, but this latest episode (season six episode 15) my friend had me laughing so hard I had to share it with others that may appreciate her comments as much as I did.

So here it is, this is what a text conversation between friends looks like during Pretty Little Liars.

*Note: messaging and keeping up with the episode often leads to spelling and grammatical errors. #DontJudge


* Must hit play together

Pre check


* But somehow one of us is ALWAYS out of sync



* When we’re finally back on track, my friend gives me tips on where to join the #HateJordanClub



* But then we both realise we dislike almost every character on the show

Spencer and Caleb


* We jointly gag when Caleb kisses… I can’t



* And accidentally start talking about two different topics at once

Two convos


*  Then the random ‘Stalker’ theories start coming in



* This one too

A theory


* But nothing is as funny as when one of us couldn’t be arsed remembering some random character’s name… like Ali’s boyfriend

Ali's bf


* And we can’t decide which character we hate more

Spencer hate


* But behind every sarcastic comment, there’s a little love for the series

hate love


* Because if we didn’t love it, we wouldn’t be obsessed with it (or frantically messaging throughout it)



* Together we analyse every detail of the episode



* Like every detail

spencer again


* Every. Detail



* One last one



* And simultaneously yell at the screen


What does a conversation between you and your bestie look like during PLL?

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