Late last year, we learned of a new comic TV series which would focus on Marvel’s mutants, the X-Men.

Titled, Legion, the show is being produced by Fox and that was about all we knew until this week, when a few main castings were confirmed.

The production company has nabbed four familiar faces for the show – Aubrey Plaza, Dan Stevens, Jean Smart and Rachel Keller.

Parks and Recreation Aubrey Plaza

Plaza is known for playing the cynical intern alongside Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation and more recently featured in the movie Dirty Grandpa with Robert De Niro.

The actress will play Lenny in the X-Men series, described as an optimistic character despite her alcohol and drug problem. She is a friend of the main character David, played by Dan Stevens.

Dan stevens X-Men TV series

Stevens you may remember from three season of Downton Abbey or the second season of Fargo. His character connects to the movies as the troubled son of X-Men founder and leader, Professor X or Charles Xavier.

According to reports, he’ll have the same ‘mutation’ as his father – telepathy. The series will reportedly focus on Stevens’ character coming to terms with his abilities and realising that the voices in his head are actually real.

Jean Smart X-Men TV Series

Smart, who received a Critics Choice Award for her role in Fargo, will play Melanie, an innovative therapist who likes to experiment with new methods.

And finally, Keller, also in Fargo, is Syd, an optimistic street smart lady with powers that could be related to the human torch.

Filming for Legion is reportedly expected to begin in March.

In the meantime, we’re all hyped up for the May release of X-Men: Apocalypse and had to share this epic cardboard cutout of the cast:

x-men cardboard cutout
Image: @universoxmen/Twitter


Will you be watching Legion?

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