In the words of the most disloyal liar (Spencer!), “it’s all happening again”…

… but this time the stalker on Pretty Little Liars has learned the fun of SMSing with emojis and opted for a more realistic silicone disguise.

The new stalker, who appears to be pushing for the girls to call him ‘devil’, officially made contact in the latest episode and has already started leading them down a very familiar path.

Pretty Little Liars

A path where they make assumptions about their loved ones, jump to conclusions, delete video footage and touch things that could be used as evidence against them with their BARE HANDS – seriously did they not learn anything the first time around?

In addition to taunting Spencer with Toby’s new relationship (how clingy was Yvonne? Sheesh) and threatening Hanna, the new baddie is literally stalking the girls in some pretty creative costumes.

     “I don’t lurk in the shadows, I hide in plain site” – now that’s a boss b#tch. 

In case you missed it, here’s the stalker spying on Emily through the window:

Pretty Little Liars

Creepy bro!

And here he is again, walking past Aria while she’s on the phone:

Pretty Little Liars

Oh and did you catch him casually strolling past in the background while Spencer chats with her mum’s campaign manager?

Pretty Little Liars

Just before he sent this message to Spencer – btw how fancy is the new texting system? They don’t read their messages out loud anymore – they’re like normal people now.

Pretty Little Liars

So who killed Charlotte and who is the dude ‘hiding in plain site’? Here are our theories so far:




No, no and no. Aria stop being stupid, seriously just stop.

Who else thinks Byron and Ella are actually back on? And that the person he was speaking to in the car – “I think she knows” – was his ex-wife (and new girlfriend) and the thing he thinks Aria knows is that they’re together again. Does that make sense?

Of course, it would create a little panic in his heart if Aria found out because the couple’s relationship was the cause of unnecessary stress during Aria’s teens. He’s obviously worried about how she’ll react to the news.

Why was he calling Ezra? Well, when Ezra left Aria on the night of Charlotte’s murder, he may have bumped into Ella and Byron. Byron, trying to keep the relationship under wraps, decided to call him and explain the situation.

That would also explain why Ezra wouldn’t tell the girls where he went or what he saw after walking away from Aria.

The more important question to ask about the Montgomerys is: where the hell is Mike?




Silicon masks, fancy cars and very detailed disguises – in addition to some hardcore IT skills, the new stalker has a whole lot of cash to burn.

We already know from last week’s episode that Lucas is rolling in dough (how many houses does he have again?), so he’s definitely got the money to fund this stalker campaign.

And if we take a closer look at the images above, the stalker’s body shape and height definitely match Lucas’. Plus we know he despised Ali and what better way to get revenge than by killing off the only sibling she really liked.

He seems like a possible candidate but we’re steering towards…




Okay, so Ian appeared to have died earlier in the series, but what if he isn’t dead?

Not everyone that dies on this show actually dies (*cough* Ali) and just because we saw a body, it doesn’t mean he’s gone for good (we saw Mona’s “dead body” but she’s still running around).

Why do we think it’s Ian? Well first Charlotte was killed in the bell tower – where we originally thought Ian was murdered.

But then it was revealed that he wasn’t actually killed there and the same goes for Charlotte.

The new stalker sent the girls a pic of a golf club, hinting that it was used to murder Ali’s sister and the former A – and we know Ian liked to golf – remember the Hilton Head tournament?

We don’t have a lot to go on, we don’t know where he’d get the funds to pay for this elaborate revenge and we don’t know how he came back from the dead – but we’re really feeling the whole Ian is devil.


Side note: we’re still having trouble getting on board the whole Spencer and Caleb thing!

So, who do you think is behind the disguise?


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