“I know how you like to go shopping out of other people’s carts.”

Shout out to Melissa for what we have dubbed as THE BEST LINE in the entire Pretty Little Liars series.

It not only summed up Spencer’s past behaviour, but her current actions.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Spencer hater – on the contrary she was one of my initial favourites, but dude, cutting into your sister’s grass TWICE and now Caleb! Caleb! Hanna’s Caleb! I mean, what are we meant to call them? Speleb? Calcer? Ew!


Just in case you somehow managed to erase those final few moments of season six episode 13 from your memory, Spencer and Caleb hooked up! Like, they’re officially on. Like grinding on the couch, slipping off shoes and ignoring phone calls on!

It was pretty obvious it was going to happen, we called it in the first ‘five years forward’ episode.

Given enough time their hand holding, eye gazing and burnt toast loving relationship may grow on us, especially since Hanna seems to have given her permission. Although we have a feeling she may throw the grass cutting in Spencer’s face somewhere down the track.

Spencer and Caleb hooking up

Episode 13 was a busy one with a friendly face reappearing (aww Lucas), Mona stirring the pot without making a physical appearance (she’s going head-to-head with Spencer on the Senate campaign) and Ezra losing his sh#t when the girls comforted him about killing Charlotte.

Of course, Ezra didn’t admit to doing it nor did he deny it, but he’s not on our list of suspects, what about you?

While we may not know who killed Cece, it seems as though the girls might.

The new stalker (we can’t call him A because he didn’t sign off with it) sent his first text to the Liars. Well, all the girls received a text but we only got to see the one he sent to Aria – he may have sent them all the same message. It said:

Pretty Little Liars Aria

Ooooooo. Do you think she actually knows or is he just taking a wild guess?

Another important part of the episode was finding out Emily actually isn’t sick, she’s just looking to earn a few extra dollars (and help people).

Shout out to GDU reader, Lisa, for calling this one. Lisa commented on our Facebook post last week saying that she thinks Emily “may be low on cash” and using medicine as a means of making money.

Pretty Little Liars Emily

Which is exactly what’s happening. Emily has been taking hormone injections and tablets so she can donate her eggs.

She told Hanna that it was the first time she actually felt good about her choice.

          “I’m gonna help two people start a family.”

Hearing this was actually our favourite part of the episode.

So, how are you guys feeling about the whole Spencer & Caleb thing?

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