There’s the well-known Aussie actors and then there’s the ones who go under the radar at times.

The Hemsworths, Blanchette, Jackman and Mamoa – they’re some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and we proudly cling to them as our connection to fame.

And while we love them (oh how we love Mamoa), today we’re not talking about those guys.

We’ve discovered a list of other big names in the pop culture sector who may be earning their cheques across the Pacific, but deep down they’re true blue Aussies at heart.

Here are 17 actors you may not have realised were from our neck of the woods:


1. Travis Fimmel – Vikings and Warcraft

Travis Fimmel Vikings

He may play the religiously-curious Ragnar in Vikings now, but the former Calvin Klein model once spent his days on a dairy farm in rural Victoria.


2. Alyssa Sutherland – Vikings

Queen Aslaug Vikings

Staying on Vikings, Travis Fimmel’s second Queen and the mother of his three sons, Aslaug, also comes from the land down under.

Alyssa Sutherland was born in Brisbane, where she began her modelling career after winning the annual Bonne Belle model search in Girlfriend magazine.


3. Claire Rhiannon Holt – The Originals

Rebekah The Originals

The Originals isn’t just a place for supernaturals, it’s also home to two Aussie celebs.

The first is Claire Rhiannon Holt who is famous for being the only Mikaelson desperate to relinquish her vampirism for humanity – Rebekah.

Holt was born in Brisbane where she was quite the athlete, playing sports like volleyball, water polo and Tae-Kwon-Do.

She made her big debut in acting when she was signed on to play Emma Gilbert in H20: Just Add Water – the kids show – remember it?


4. Phoebe Tonkin – The Originals

Phoebe Tonkin The Originals

Phoebe Tonkin and Claire may be co-stars on The Originals now, but it’s not the first time the pair have acted alongside each other.

Tonkin also made her acting debut in H20: Just Add Water before moving onto the Tomorrow, When the War Began.

She was originally born in Sydney where she was trained to be a star with dance classes and acting lessons at the Australian Theatre for Young People.


5. Richard Cosnett – The Flash and The Vampire Diaries

The Flash

Moving onto to The Original’s parent series, The Vampire Diaries, where Richard Cosnett played the psychotic professor, Wes Maxfield.

While Cosnett may not have been born in Australia (he’s actually Zimbabwean-born), he was raised here and began his career locally.

He also recently starred in The Flash as Iris’ fiancĂ©. 


6. Keiynan Lonsdale – The Flash

Wally West The Flash

While one Aussie left The Flash, another came in.

Keiynan Lonsdale is relatively new to the series, having only just come on as Wally West – Iris’ long lost brother and possibly a future speedster.

Before joining the cast, he was born and raised in Sydney where he landed his first gig in an Australian mockumentary, Razzle Dazzle: A Journey Into Dance.


7. Jonathan Manu Bennett – Spartacus and Arrow

Jonathan Manu Bennett Arrow

Arrow fans will definitely remember this face!

But did you know that before Jonathan Manu Bennett took on the role alongside Stephen Amell, he was a trans-Tasman baby?

He was born in New Zealand, giving him a Kiwi passport, but he moved across the ditch to Australia when he was only a few months old.

He was raised in Sydney and Newcastle and eventually moved back to New Zealand to attend college where he picked up acting and dancing classes.

From there he went on to star in a number of popular Australian TV shows (oh my gosh remember Water Rats?) before eventually landing a role alongside fellow Kiwi, Lucy Lawless, in Xena: Warrior Princess.


8. Rachael Taylor – Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

DC isn’t the only one hiring Aussie actors, Marvel’s Jessica Jones has recruited three of them to star in its hit Netflix show.

The first is Rachael Taylor who you’ll remember as Trish – Jessica’s BFF.

Taylor was born and raised way down south in Tasmania. She’s had a pretty busy career in Hollywood and even starred in Marvel’s Man-Thing back in 2005.


9. William Traval – Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

From one of Kilgrave’s victims to Trish’s boyfriend to a possible Captain America replacement to an out of control experiment.

William Traval’s character definitely stood out in Jessica Jones and weare totally expecting to see him again in the second season.

But before joining the Marvel crew, Traval was born on a strawberry farm in rural Victoria.

He went on to star in one of Australia’s biggest series, All Saints.


10. Eka Darville – Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

So many Aussies on the show – love it!

Eka Dardville was not only born and raised in Byron Bay (niiiiccceeeee) NSW, he still lives there.

His big break was when he was signed up to play Scott Truman (the red ranger) on Power Rangers RPM. From there he’s gone to play in a number of TV shows including The Originals.


11. Toby Leonard Moore – Daredevil


Before there was Jessica Jones, there was Daredevil where one Aussie played the loyal friend and assistant to one verryyy bad Wilson Fisk.

Toby Leonard Moore was born in Sydney and eventually moved to Tasmania with his family (maybe he met Rachael Taylor while he was there).

He kick started his acting career in the Hobart theatre and eventually studied the art of acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA).


12. Yvonne Strahovski – I, Frankenstein 


Eyyyy a fellow Westie!

Yvonne Strahovski was once a Western Sydney local.

She was born in Werrington Downs in New South Wales and later attended high school at Strathfield’s Santa Sabina College.

She received acting lessons at school and continued her studies at the University of Western Sydney’s (eyyyy) Theatre Nepean.


13. John Noble – Sleepy Hollow and The Lord of the Rings

Denethor The Lord of the Rings

We didn’t know whether to feel sorry for him or hate him in that second season of Sleepy Hollow.

The man, who played abandoned child turned one of the four horsemen, was born and raised in South Australia where he picked up all the smarts to become an actor and a theatre director.

While his most recent standout role was as Henry Parrish in Sleepy Hollow, he is most remembered for his role as Denethor in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.


14. David Wenham – The Lord of the Rings


Eyyyy a fellow Westie!

Before David Wenham picked up a bow and arrow for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Wenham spent his days in Marrickville, Sydney.

He studied at the University of Western Sydney’s (hey fellow alumni) Theatre Nepean where he picked up a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Performing Arts.


15. Tammin Sursok – Pretty Little Liars


When is she coming back? We want to know what happened to her in ‘five years’.

Tammin Sursok may be famous for playing the sight impaired bad gal in Pretty Little Liars, but she was once a Summer Bay resident in Home and Away.

Although initially born in South Africa, her family moved to Sydney where she delved into music and acting early on.

She was involved in the Sydney Youth Musical Theatre and studied at Trinity Speech and Drama College.


16. Eliza Taylor – The 100

The 100 Clarke

She’s gone from prisoner to leader of ‘the 100’ to prisoner again to running all the ‘Sky People’s’ operations and now she’s an outcast.

We’re so addicted to Eliza Taylor’s character on The 100 and we’re so happy to see an Aussie leading the cast in an American series.

Eliza was originally born in Melbourne where she studied and eventually landed a gig in Neighbours.


17. Bob Morley – The 100

The 100 Bellamy

Fellow Aussie Bob Morley joins Eliza in The 100 as the bad boy turned good guy (and potentially turning bad again in season 3), Bellamy.

Morley was raised in a country town in Victoria where he studied drama at school.

After he graduated he went on to start an engineering degree but decided to return to acting and enrolled in La Trobe University where he studied creative arts.

Eventually he moved to Sydney and scored a gig in Home and Away as the rebellious Drew Curtis.

Have you spotted any other Aussies in a sci-fi/fantasy movie or TV series?

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