Deadpool has a message for Aussies ahead of next week’s big Australia Day celebrations and it’s pretty f#cking funny.

Ryan Reynolds pulled out the black and red suit for the 50 second clip published to Youtube today – four days before the national holiday.

Sporting an iconic Australian cork hat (which FYI rarely anyone wears unless they’re in the outback), he referred to Australians as condescending drunks before joking that Australia Day is “actually a thing”.

Deadpool sporting the Australian cork hat

In his best Aussie accent (it was pretty good) he said:

          “I’d fit right in with your proud nation with its shady criminal past, predilection for blackout drinking and unrelenting condescension towards New Zealand.”

He continued, saying the only downside to Australia is that we gave the world Wolverine “and for that I can’t forgive you”.

Just after actually wishing us a Happy Australia Day he mocked the idea of the national holiday and then took a few stabs at the cork hat, saying he thought he “was getting swarmed by diddly Australian bees”.

Check out the full clip below. It’s brilliant:

Deadpool will be out in cinema on 12 February. Click here to check out the trailer.

What did you think of the Australia Day message?

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