The process of elimination has begun, as Arrow season four resumes with two glimpses into the ‘future’.

Episode 10 opened and closed with Oliver visiting the cemetery, but this time the scene extended to give us a little more information on what’s ahead.

For those that don’t remember, episode one of the current season ended with Oliver standing by a grave six months in the future and mourning the loss of a loved one.

Cemetary Arrow

Barry aka The Flash speeds in and Oli tells him ā€œIā€™m going to kill him [we’re assuming Damien Darhk]ā€.

In the latest episode, we discovered that we’re now ‘four months’ away from finding out which character is being booted from the series.

The opening scene revealed that while Oliver knows he isn’t too blame for the death, he does need to take drastic action to stop “him”.


Meanwhile, the closing scene sees Oliver make his way from the grave to his limo where we find Felicity waiting inside.

Olicity fans, let out a big sigh of relief because you the ‘licity’ part of the couple nickname will not be buried six feet under.

That leaves us with four other potential victims – Diggle, Laurel, Captain Lance or Thea.


HOWEVER, we analysed Oliver’s emotional state a little and found that it seems unlikely that Thea is dead.

While Oliver is slouching much more than usual and definitely showing signs of devastation, he seems too composed for someone that may have just lost his last living relative.

Which is why we’re taking Thea off the list. We’re now tossing between Diggle, Laurel or Captain Lance – although we’re still really leaning towards Laurel for no other reason than her story line has been dependent on Sara and she’s moved on.

Whoever is in the grave, we know that Oliver will go back to “dropping bodies” or at least one body to get revenge and stop the person (again assuming its Damien Darhk) from killing anybody else.

And he has Felicity’s support to do so: “You know what you have to do right?” she asks in the limo.

*Plays dramatic music*

On another note, how b#tchy is this chick! Darhk owns his madness, but this woman is an undercover psycho!

Darhk's wife

Who do you think will die in ‘four months’?

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