She’s the best fighter in the DC Universe and she’s finally getting some justice on the big screen.

No, we’re not just referring to her appearance in the forthcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice flick, we’re talking about her solo movie, which according to cast and crew will give the Amazonian warrior the exposure she deserves.

While female heroes shine in the pages of a comic book, their strength and power are at times overshadowed by their male counterparts when it comes to cinema.

Wonder Woman 3

But DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer (CCO), Geoff Johns, said the 2017 Wonder Woman movie will highlight Diana’s origin while emphasising her warrior abilities and position as a “feminist cultural icon”.

We’re loving the sound of that!

Speaking in a featurette, Johns explained that people aren’t as familiar with Wonder Woman’s background and strengths as they are with Superman’s and Batman’s. He said this film creates an opportunity to really show off her world and motivations to the audience.

Wonder Woman 2

           “She’s an Amazon warrior and she’s the best fighter in the DC Universe. She’s been training her whole life for war,” he said.

“She’s a feminist cultural icon, she stands for quality and that’s important.”

Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, added that viewers will get to know the hero as she grows, while also learning about her mission to help ‘man’.

Wonder Woman

Check out the featurette below for more comments from Johns, Gadot as well as Chris Pine who plays Steve Trevor – Diana’s love interest.

There’s also first footage from the movie set for release on 23 June 2017.

Do you think female superheroes tend to be overshadowed by male heroes on the big screen?

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