It’s a mystery within a mystery within a mystery within a mystery this season on Pretty Little Liars.

If anyone thought jumping five years forward would simplify the series or make the liars a little smarter (and honest) – you’re so wrong!

Seriously, did anyone else scream at the TV when Hanna hit delete on that video footage of Aria?

What’s more suss than not having an alibi at the time of murder? MISSING VIDEO FOOTAGE! *Smashes palm into forehead*.

PLL Aria delete

Genuinely have no idea whether we think Ezra was responsible for Charlotte’s death or if weirdo Sara was involved.

Nor can we say at this point whether the wealthy man at the end was the killer.

But what we do want to speculate on is Emily!

The girl is a hot mess – literally she’s gorgeous and her life is totally messed up right now.

PLL Emily

She’s lying to EVERYONE about her studies, her finances AND her health.

They’re under the impression that she’s out doing medical research for “Alzheimer’s, diabetes and infectious diseases”, but she’s actually commencing treatments for a mysterious illness.

The first illness thing that springs to mind is cancer. Right?

She’s taking a blood test (GDU’s friend, who according to us is one of the best nurses in Australia, says she was taking an INR test or International Normalised Ratio, which determines the thinness of the blood – medication is then altered based on the results) and her nurse tells her she’ll get use to them, “the injections too”. Whatever she’s getting treatment for – she’s only at the start.

Emily then tells her nurse that she “really needs it to work” – indicating her situation is life threatening.


In the previous episode, we saw her taking pills – and spilling them everywhere.

When she goes to pay for parking at Hollis Medical Centre she discovers her bank account is overdrawn. This comes as a surprise when we learn from her mother than her father had left her “all that cash”. So did all the cash go towards these treatments?

It all points towards cancer, but when a former co-worker says she was diagnosed with cancer years ago, Emily’s face doesn’t give off any indication of a shared experience.

See their interaction in the video below:

So what’s going on with Emily?

We almost found out when she was talking to her dad at the cemetery, but that bloody Sara Harvey ruined everything!

We tried Googling illnesses that require injections and tablets – it could be a liver issue? Or it could be cancer…

Or maybe she has a blood clot and she’s taking Clexane injections with Warfarin tablets?

Or perhaps she indicated what she has when she was telling Hanna about the “research” she assists with back in San Diego – “Alzheimer’s, diabetes and infectious diseases”. Maybe it’s an infectious disease?

We’ll have to wait and see.


On another note, we no longer think Spencer and Caleb are dating.

Spencer is clearly vibing on him but he’s clearly friend-zoned her. Did you see the pat on the arm he gave her? #WeAreJustFriendsSpencer.

What do you think is up with Emily?

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