Uhhhh we think so.

If you’ve been keeping up with Civil War rumours then you know the Captain’s fate is up in the air.

Some outlets are reporting that Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) will meet his maker towards the end of the flick after surrendering to the government and ending the ‘civil war’.

The rumour continues, saying Disney and Marvel filmed three endings to the flick – one with Sebastian Stan aka Bucky picking up Captain America’s shield, the other with Anthony Mackie aka The Falcon and the third with Emily VanCamp aka Sharon.

Captain America

This has left fans wondering if the Capt really does die (nooooooo), and if so, who will take his place?

Well we think Marvel may have just answered the question in a major clue we found in the mobile game app Puzzle Quest.

For those unfamiliar with the game, it’s similar to Candy Crush but it allows users to create their own ensemble of heroes and build their strength by either winning or spending a little cash.

We’re huge fans of the game here at GDU (seriously it’s the only game I have on my phone) and today we noticed a new hero was added to the mix.

Introducing Captain America Sam Wilson aka the Aerial Avenger aka oh my gosh it’s The Falcon in blue, red and white.

This isn’t the first time Sam has appeared in the game, previously he was sporting his usual wings as The Falcon, but this is the first time we’ve seen him as the Capt.

And while we know Sam steps into the star spangled hero’s boots in the comics, we’ve found in the past that Marvel tends to use the game to promote upcoming movie releases.

Sooooo we’re thinking The Falcon is the next Captain America.

FYI, he costs around 1,000 purple jewels to purchase :/ we have a lot of saving to do.

Think we’re right about this one or overreacting?


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