Their hair is different, their lives are different but apparently not all the old boyfriends are so different.

One of the old flames seems to have managed to maintain a romantic connection to one of the gals, but it’s not the ‘liar’ he was dating back in high school.

Pretty Little Liars returned this week, leaping five years into the future where almost everything has changed for every character.

Emily is a little emo and addicted to tablets – perhaps a result of losing her father – and Hanna is a major fashionista working for a famous designer and she’s engaged.

Pretty Little Liars

There’s Aria who is no longer dating Ezra (although they haven’t been romantically attached for a while) but is now his boss-type as an employee for a major publisher.

And then there’s Spencer, who may have left Rosewood to enter politics but managed to take a small part of her old life with her… no sorry, she took a part of Hanna’s old life with her!

Yeah, that’s right it APPEARS that Spencer is dating one very gorgeous Caleb!


Yeah, what the hell IS going on?

No seriously, wtf!

As far as we know the relationship hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s pretty freaking obvious they’re hooking up because they weren’t even discreet about it!

The pair told Hanna and Toby that they had one lunch together while Caleb was up in Washington, but somehow Spencer is now close enough to him to just call him up and ask him to hop on a plane, travel to Rosewood and see Hanna after Charlotte dies.

Or how about after the funeral when he whispers to Spencer, “I’ll go grab the car”. I mean, why would you be grabbing the car just for her? Why not for all the girls?

Oh and why is he staying at her barn? The same barn she’s sleeping in!

I mean seriously?! Ew!


We shouldn’t be surprised though, I mean if the girl can hook up with her sister’s boyfriends, why not her best friend’s ex-boyfriend too.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see if our suspicions are right.

Side note, we’re keen to know who you think the new big baddie is this season – we have our bets on Jason or Ian (yeah we think he’s alive).

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