They came in all shapes and sizes (we’re looking at you Ant-Man) showcased different abilities and all kinds of attitudes (*cough* JJ). 

2015 was a big year for Marvel – granted not as big as 2016 will be – with familiar faces returning to the big screen while new faces conquered the smaller ones.

Daredevil launched the entertainment giant’s highly successful relationship with Netflix, which was only amplified with the arrival of the bad ass and bad attitude, Jessica Jones.

In cinema, Ant-Man made more than just a tiny splash, bringing in $519.3 million. In fact, it was such a success Marvel bumped back the Captain Marvel movie for the micro-superhero’s sequel.

Of course you can’t mention Marvel without acknowledging the established heroes (Captain America, Thor and Hulk) who returned for the follow up to the Avengers with Age of Ultron.

But with so many new faces and all those familiar ones, which were our faves last year?

Marvel asked its fans and these were the top five:


5. Black Widow 



4. Jessica Jones 



3. Iron Man 

Iron Man


2. Ant-Man 


1. Captain America 


Which Marvel hero was your favourite in 2015? 

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