The prequel series to The Walking Dead will be back for a second season on…

… 10 April or 11 April for us here in Australia – a couple of weeks ahead of the season six premiere of Game of Thrones.

Fear the Walking Dead – the series centred around the fall of Los Angeles during a zombie apocalypse – will return with 15 episodes, more than double the six episodes that made up season one.

Fear the Walking Dead

The first seven episodes will air every Monday from 10 April and the remaining eight will be released later in 2016.

Production on the second instalment began last month in the Baja Peninsula, Mexico.

It will likely pick up where the season one finale left off, with Travis and his family taking shelter at sea aboard Strand’s’ sailing boat named, Abigail. Read more.

This will be the first time fans get to deal with walkers on the ocean.

Are you excited for a second dose of Fear the Walking Dead?

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