Rumours of Marvel planning to pit Murdock up against Kent and Wayne aren’t as true as we thought. 

After months of waiting, the entertainment giant finally revealed the official season two release date for Daredevil season two and it is… 18 March – a week earlier than the rumoured 25 March date, which clashed with the premiere of DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

So guys, add 18 March to the diary because we have a date with the couch, a whole lot of food and crimson-suited vigilante!

Daredevil Season Two with Punisher

A new teaser, poster and character photos including Elektra and Punisher were also released this week, giving fans a preview of the forthcoming season.

Check out the official poster below, it’s insane!

Daredevil Season Two poster

The 1.40 teaser video is made up of a slow sequence of screenshots overlapped with dialogue from season one. It ends with the official poster (above) featuring Murdock in full Daredevil costume towering over the good and bad of Hell’s Kitchen.

We zoomed in to see if Jessica Jones made the cute but we couldn’t see her. Did you?

Watch the teaser below:

What are you most excited to see in Daredevil season two? 

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