Does Daredevil have what it takes to defeat Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman?

We’re not talking physically (because that’s like four against one), we’re talking in viewership.

The answer? We don’t know, but we may find out on 25 March when Netflix is allegedly planning on releasing the entire second season of Daredevil – the same day DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits the cinemas.


While originally expected for release in April, an Entertainment Weekly 2016 preview listed Daredevil’s premiere date as being 25 March.

Marvel is yet to confirm the printed date, so at this point it could be a misprint or it could be the day two comic giants go head-to-head for an ultimate cinematic and TV showdown.

If you’re thinking Daredevil alone doesn’t have the power to take on the legendary DC star superheroes, you could be right.

Daredevil season 2

However, season two additions of Punisher and Elektra adds a little punch to the series and let’s not forget, everyone is still on a high from that epic inaugural season of Jessica Jones featuring Luke Cage. Jessica Jones ties in with Daredevil because it was set in the same city – Hell’s Kitchen – and the three heroes plus Iron Fist will eventually come together to form The Defenders.

If the Netflix show is released on the same day as the DC movie, you can bet we’ll be up super early to kick start that Daredevil binge before checking into Gold Class at Events for a late night viewing of Batman v Superman.

Which will you watch?

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