The rumours are circulating and apparently there’s going to be not one, but two deaths in Captain America: Civil War. 

The first (and somewhat unsurprisingly) is the alleged passing of Agent Carter – the Capt’s first and only love.

We met Peggy back in Captain America: The First Avenger and suspect she’ll die in the forthcoming movie from old age.

Now onto the second (and also somewhat expected) death.

According to Youtube page, The Hashtag Show, the second funeral in the movie will be for Steve Rogers himself.

Captain America is apparently going to meet his maker after surrendering to the government and ending the ‘Civil War’.

This raises two questions – the first, who will replace Captain America?

The report says Disney and Marvel filmed three endings to the flick – one with Sebastian Stan aka Bucky picking up Captain America’s shield, the other with Anthony Mackie aka The Falcon and the third with Emily VanCamp aka Sharon.

The second question is, does this mean Captain America will die a virgin?

Prior to taking the experimental injections, Steve Rogers made a point of telling Agent Carter that he barley speaks to women.

And the only action we’ve seen the Star Spangled hero receive is a forced pash with Private Lorraine in The First Avenger, a quick peck from Peggy and some tongue exchanged with Black Widow in The Winter Soldier.

This leads us to believe he will die a virgin and we’re kind of digging it because we think this could be a first for a major superhero movie.

So what do you think? Will Steve Rogers die a virgin? 

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