New enemies, unexpected alliances, broken friendships, sibling rivalry, romance, romance, romance, fight, fight, fight and the light.

The extended trailer for The 100 Season 3 is out and it is packed with so much new information it actually left us looking a little like this:

The 100 gif

No seriously, we had to watch the two minute and thirty second sneak peek three times and we’re still trying to make out what’s going on.

Here’s what we could pick up:


Bellamy continues to conflict with the elders

Bellamy and Marcus


Which appears to push him into choosing another side



‘The wrong side’, according to his sister

Octavia and baddie


His sister, Octavia (how pretty is she please), who he seriously pisses off

Octavia and Bellamy


Enough for her to disown him

Bellamy and Octavia


Maybe he kills Lincoln?

Octavia and Lincoln


Cause they’re seen fighting here… shirtless (*drools*)

Bellamy and Lincoln


According to Clarke, the side Bellamy chooses wants to go to war

Bellamy and Clarke


But with who? The grounders? Certainly seems that way since Bellamy’s leader believes ‘all grounders are the same’

The 100 baddie


Speaking of grounders, Clarke seems to be hanging out with them again

Clarke and the Grounders


And maybe even hooking up with one

Clarke and Lexa gif

There’s so much sexual tension here, right?


Like this could be Lexa going ‘down under’ on Clarke

Clarke getting head

BTW where did Clarke find red hair dye to colour her hair or is that just the lighting? And how about that tattoo!


She’s not the only one getting action, looks like she could have a new stepfather

Clarke's mum

Is that her mum hooking up with Marcus?


A few of our other favourite ‘Sky People’ seem to be getting a little more air time this season, including Jasper who seems to have failed at saving people

Jasper and Clarke


And Monty who ‘is not fine’ and may kill someone this season



Brilliant Raven is apparently going to have to overcome emotional and physical pain – do you think she’ll be able to move her leg again?



And finally, there’s the City of Light – which Thelonius actually found last season and is one big ball of confusion right now.

Thel City of Light

The 100 returns in the US on 21 January and is scheduled to air on Fox 8 in Australia on 3 February at 8.30pm.

Check out the trailer below:

Did you spot anything else?

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