Arrow writers continue to toy with fans’ emotions in the new 2016 series trailer.

The first look at Season 4B was released this week showcases Oliver’s on a serious mission to bring down the mystical Darhk.

‘Anarky’ aka Lonnie Machin is back but this time he seems to have ditched his all black get up in favour of a burn mask, thick winter jacket and blow torch.


Oh and of course there’s that 2015 cliffhanger – is Felicity dead? Is she the one in the grave?

The show’s creative team is certainly trying to convince us she’s the one buried six-feet under ‘six months in the future’ by emphasising her dire condition.

For those who can’t remember (how could you forget?), Felicity was left bleeding in Oliver’s arm after she was riddled with bullets in the mid-season finale.

Arrow Oliver Season 4

The trailer indicates that her health will take a turn for the worse, with Thea advising Ollie of a surgical procedure. There’s also Donna Smoak’s devastated facial expression during a quick hospital sequence which doesn’t leave us with much hope of her full recovery.

But would they really kill her off? Our (imaginary) money is still on Laurel.

Check out the trailer below.

What do you hope to see in Arrow S4B?

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