Who would have thought LEGO would be the go-to place for new info on Captain America: Civil War.

While the movie is still five months out from release, the toy brand has already launched promos for the upcoming Captain America line.

Just like any other LEGO ad, it shows off the bits and pieces within each pack – in this case which characters, weapons and automobiles young fans can collect.

Captain America Civil War

The first half of the ad shows both sides of the conflict in action – we can see The Falcon flying over head while Black Widow drives down below on her motorbike.

They both appear to be targeting Crossbones – you may remember him from Winter Solider as the member of Hydra tasked with capturing the Captain and Black Widow. He was buried towards the end of the movie, but is set to return for the new flick next year.

Captain American Crossbones
Crossbones is coming back for Civil War.

Then there’s the second half of the ad above, in which Captain America is throwing his shield at the black and purple aircraft – has to belong to Black Panther.

Still no BIG secret revealed?

Let’s take a look at the ad below, there’s definitely one thing Lego may have unintentionally spilled.

Captain America Lego

We see Captain America again, using his shield to ward off Iron Man’s beam.

There’s Black Widow in the yellow vehicle with her tiny gun and Scarlet Witch is hovering above with her hexes.

Then down below there’s a super-sized hero who very much resembles Ant-Man. Why? Because it is Ant-Man but the giant version aka Giant-Man.


In the Ultimate Marvel universe, Hank Pym, who created the Ant-Man suit and trained Scott Lang in the Ant-Man movie, modified his suit to work in reverse.

So instead of shrinking down, he could overpower his enemies with increased height and strength, which is where he got the alias Giant-Man.

As far as we’re aware, Michael Douglas (who played Hank in the film) isn’t set to appear in Captain America: Civil War, which leads us to believe Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) will have the ability to grow.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

How do you think Giant-Man will help shape Captain America: Civil War?

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