Another year, another lot of movies to add to the ‘must-watch’ list.

As GDU pointed out previously, 2016 is all about sequels, superheroes and remakes as Hollywood focuses on renewing the old while building on that comic-buzz.

We’ve compiled our list of 26 big budget movies we can’t wait to watch in 2016 in order of release date (dates may change).

Check them out below and let us know which you’re hanging out to watch the most in the comments section below.


1. Deadpool – 12 February 

Deadpool Ryan Renolds

A burnt up vulgar superhero with a wicked sense of humour? Yes please! 


2. Zoolander 2 – 12 February

Zoolander 2

Derek and Hansel are ba-ack.


3. Viral – 19 February


We’re not usually big on horror, but a post-apocalyptic movie is always appealing.


4. Gods of Egypt – 26 February

Gods of Egypt

Hollywood is finally moving away from the Greek Gods and back to the ancient Egyptian ones – giving us Stargate nostalgia


5. Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice – 25 March

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Is anyone not watching this?!


6. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 – 25 March


“Why do you want to leave me?” The romantic comedy is getting a sequel – it only took around 14 YEARS!


7. Barbershop: The Next Cut – 15 April


Because anything with Ice Cube… and also because the Barbershop franchise is hilarious.


8. The Best Man Wedding – 15 April

The Best Man: Holiday
Pic from The Best Man Holiday.

The Best Man Holiday was so unexpectadly depressing, it was a terrible follow up to the hilarious The Best Man. I hope they bring the light humour from the first movie into the third.


9. The Huntsman Winter’s War – 22 April

The Huntsman Winter's War

Because Chris Hemsworth – #EnoughSaid.


10. Captain America: Civil War – 6 May

Team Captain America 2

I hope either Iron Man or Captain America dies – just not Captain America.


11. Independence Day: Resurgence – 24 May


Two decades after the original, the aliens are back but Will Smith isn’t…


12. X-Men: Apocalypse – 27 May

X-Men Apocalypse Psylocke Storm

Let’s be honest, the younger mutants are so much more interesting than their older counterparts.


13. Warcaft – 10 June

Warcraft image

It’s always fun to see great video games translated for cinema.


14. Finding Dory – 17 June

Finding Dory

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” Love Ellen!


15. The Legend of Tarzan – 1 July


That bod tho (sic).


16.  Alice Through the Looking Glass – 14 July

alice through the looking glass

Johnny steps back into that Mad Hatter makeup and gear.


17. Ghostbusters – 15 July


Aside from supporting girl power, we actually can’t wait to see these ladies fill the those big gooey shoes.


18. Star Trek: Beyond – 22 July

Star Trek Beyond

Fast & the Furious meets space travel – this is going to be epic.


19. Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur – 22 July

King Arthur

Who doesn’t love a good King Arthur tale, and also there’s Eric Bana ❤


20. Ice Age: Collision Course – 22 July


The little squirrel’s nutty journey continues.


21. Suicide Squad – 5 August

Suicide Squad

Let’s be real, this one is for Harley Quinn.


22. Bridget Jones’ Diary: Baby – 16 September

Bridget Jones' Diary

Because she’s us and we’re her and we can’t wait to see how she handles a child.


23. Gambit – 7 October

gambit header

Chris Channing as a legit Marvel superhero – A-mazing.


24. Underworld: Next Generation – 21 October

Underworld Next Generation

Because we’ve waited long enough to find out if Michael really was alive and also whether their daughter will change the world.


25. Doctor Strange – 4 November

Doctor Strange

Another addition to the MCU!


26. Passengers – 21 December

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Emily Blunt AND Keanu Reeves in a sci-fi movie together? We’re there for that.

Which movies are on your must-watch list for 2016?

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