The 2015 Fantastic Four reprisal was the subject to negative criticism even before its release.

From casting to scripting and the exclusion of former Marvel boss, Stan Lee – people didn’t have the nicest things to say.

Things worsened when the flick finally hit cinemas, with critics describing it as a ‘giant film straining for indie cred’ (The Guardian) and ‘a film that’s uneven in every way imaginable’ (Screen Rant).

GDU got around to watching the movie, and you know what? It’s not that bad!

In fact, we thought it was pretty good.

Fantastic Four 2015

Take away the story-line’s predictability and the surprisingly underwhelming fight scene and the movie was actually quite entertaining.

It starts off strong with an adorable flashback of the young genius Reed building a friendship with his somewhat helpless best friend (who we suspected would become Thing) and an inter-dimensional transporter in his garage.

The Fantastic Four 2015

The story dropped off a little when the cross-dimension travellers received their abilities – this was mainly because suddenly they were dealing with everything except their powers.

Superhero origins tend to showcase the struggle between hero and new-found skill, but this foursome was left dealing with sibling rivalry, abandonment and government greed, which ultimately failed to give any real time to developing them as heroes and more importantly, a team.


In saying that, Fantastic Four had its quirky moments, interesting characters (aww loved Ben) and great visual effects. There was great potential in the remake and we’re a little disappointed the creative team may not be able to make up for the slow start with an incredible sequel.

While we wouldn’t add it to the list of best movies in 2015, it’s definitely entertaining enough for a Saturday-night filler – you just need to go into it with little to no expectations.

What did you think of the Fantastic Four?

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