While The Vampire Diaries may have come to a close for 2015, things have only just started getting interesting on the show, especially in the ‘future’ timeline.

By now fans should be all caught up on the first nine episodes of the seventh season, but for those trailing a little behind, the series is running two storylines simultaneously – one in the present and the other three years into the future.

Each episode opens up with a glimpse into the forward period, during which our faves are facing an unidentified evil – not to mention their relationships are totally NOT what they are in the ‘present’ (how the hell did Stefan end up with Valerie? Seriously guys, she’s dullsville).

Needless to say, the split storylines have left us with a whole lot of unanswered questions, but we’ve dissected the ‘future’ and here’s what we know:


‘She’ is the future evil


The first episode of the season opens with a frantic, injured and out of breathe Stefan desperately waking Damon from a deep slumber.

Damon is resting in one of two coffins in a storage facility in Brooklyn, suggesting he went ahead with his plan to sleep until Bonnie dies and Elena returns.

During the ‘present’ we find Damon is actually awake and boozing his way around Europe – which means his decision to sleep for the next 60 years doesn’t come until some time in the future.

In the meantime, we immediately assume Stefan is running away from Lily – the ‘evil’ from season six.

The Vampire Diaries Lily

However, as the ‘present’ progresses, we rule Lily out as a candidate because, well… she dies.

So who then could ‘she’ be?

Whoever ‘she’ is, she’s after Stefan, which is why she kidnaps Caroline in the episode six flash forward and Damon in episode seven.

We soon discover that Caroline and Stefan are no longer together (more on this below), so whoever is chasing him is operating with expired information – suggesting ‘she’ is someone from his ‘past’ or the ‘present’.

Whoever ‘she’ is, she’s close enough to Stefan to know he would never do anything that would hurt his Porsche. So when he sets it on fire during episode three, perhaps he did so with the intention of throwing her off his track.


In episode eight, Damon hallucinates that Lily is helping him escape, however, ‘she’ snaps him out of it, saying “wow you must really be having a bad trip, your mother’s been dead for years”.

During this episode, we also received a blurry peek at her (see image above) and discover that she is a brunette – this rules out blonde mean girl heretic Mary-Louise, however, it does implicate Nora, who towards the end of episode nine in the ‘present’ is anti-Damon and Stefan.

The Nora-theory is backed by the episode nine ‘future’ scene where Valerie refers to ‘she’ with familiarity. 

The Vampire Diaries Nora

However, a heretic such as Nora could be ruled out because ‘she’ uses werewolf poison to kidnap Damon – why would a half witch use poison when she could just use her powers? Also, ‘she’ referred to Lily as ‘your mother’ when talking to Damon – something Nora wouldn’t do because she considered Lily to be her second mum.

So who else could it be?

We’re not sure, but in episode three, Caroline says the group can’t go back to Mystic Falls, which suggests ‘she’ has a stronghold in the town.


Is Stefan dying?


Ummmm, we’re going to say yes.

During the episode three flash forward, Stefan tells Tyler during a phone conversation that his scar had opened and ‘he doesn’t have much time’.

The scar is sitting around his heart and is bleeding enough to have left a large, round patch on Stefan’s shirt (see pic above).

We don’t know where the scar came from, maybe it’s left over from the knife Nora stabbed into his heart towards the end of episode nine?

We think Stefan’s life may be on the line and that perhaps his death will end the series?


Alaric & Caroline sitting in a tree?

The Vampire Diaries Caroline

I honestly can’t even picture them ‘k-i-double s-i-n-g-ing’.

According to those future scenes, Caroline won’t just have Alaric’s twins, but she’ll agree to marry him – she’s his fiancé.

While we’re quick to blame the magical pregnancy (Caroline is carrying Alaric’s twins in the ‘present’), apparently that won’t be the reason they split.

The show’s Executive Producer, Julie Plec, told TVLine that a “confluence of many things” will lead to their demise – we bet that ‘confluence’ will be Valerie who based on the ‘future’ scene in episode nine, is very much involved with Stefan again. Grrrr.

On another note, shout out to Caroline who not only appears to have completed college while carrying and raising two little girls, but also landed a gig as a big time TV producer for a morning news show – girl power!


Damon & Alaric – no longer buddy, buddies

The Vampire Diaries Damon and Alaric

What happened to end the bromance?

There’s a lot of tension between the two when Damon stops by Alaric’s place in episode four.

During the scene, the vampire is quite cold to his former BFF, while Alaric seems somewhat scared of the Salvatore.

He tells his twin daughters to stay behind him and is hesitant to give Damon permission to enter his house.

This changes of course when Damon threatens the professor:

Alaric: Why are you here, did someone die?

Damon: Not yet, but that could change real fast, so you’re going to invite me in.”

Ooooo icy *shivers*.

Their cold interaction continues into forward flashes during episodes six and seven.


Damon does have regret

The Vampire Diaries

He acts tough and keeps telling Stefan he doesn’t care, but three years into the future Damon finally admits regret over the way he treated his mum.

Just before Lily died she asked her eldest son for forgiveness only to receive a very bitter response: “you made your bed”.

His hatred towards the ‘first woman to break his heart’ continued into her second funeral where he gave an anger-filled eulogy: “Lily, you were a terrible mother when you were alive and you were a terrible mother when you were dead.”

But in episode eight when she appears to Damon in a hallucination, he seems happy to see her and tells her something that’s ‘been nagging’ him: “I’m so sorry”.

Awwww he has a heart.


Other things we know:

  • Tyler finally sorts his life out and is a big shot business man who wears fancy suits and drives around in fancy cars.
  • Stefan and Valerie are living in Chicago together.
  • Bonnie is boning Lorenzo – also she’s in rehab and regrets a spell she cast…
  • Caroline looks like she’s still pregnant in the ‘future’ – maybe her real life baby bump just peeked through her shirt.
  • Alaric’s twins are growing at super-speed. If the ‘present’ is only three years into the future then they’d still be toddlers but these girls looked around five.

Did you spot anything else? Who do you think ‘she’ is?

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