Just when you thought the saga had come to an end, the production company found a new way to breathe life into the franchise.

With the recent release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, Katiness and her group of rebels helped bring down Snow and the Capitol, creating unity among the privileged and the districts – essentially bringing the series to a happy close.

But with the four movies earning some $2.7 billion in the worldwide box office, it was only a matter of time until the guys in charge started thinking of new ways to keep the successful franchise running.


And according to Lionsgate Entertainment Vice Chairman, Michael Burns, they may have found just the thing – a prequel.

Speaking at an investor conference in New York City, Burns said he’d like to build on The Hunger Games series with a picture that focuses on past ‘games’.

He said feedback from fans revealed that the one thing they missed in the last two movies was the actual arena – this lead to the idea of a prequel which would allow storytellers to focus on the games themselves and give eager viewers what they desire.


GDU thinks fans would enjoy a prequel focusing on previous winners such as Finnick or Johanna (*cough* we’d prefer Finnick #JustSaying).

In addition to following up on The Hunger Games’ success, Burns said he’d also consider creating sequels for other major titles such as Twilight (*cough* please don’t), Saw and The Expendables.

What do you think? Should they make a prequel to the series?

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