Superman: “She with you?” Batman: “No I thought she was with you.”

No fellas, that Amazonian heroine doesn’t need a man by her side she does just fine on her own.

If you haven’t heard by now (or watched it a dozen or so times) the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice dropped today, giving DC fans a sneak peek at the ‘greatest gladiator match in the history of the world’.

Jimmy Kimmel was given the exclusive to the highly anticipated three minute preview, making it the comedian’s second major movie reveal after last week’s Captain America: Civil War trailer.


As expected the clip is full of action, conflict and a lot of humour (Lex Luthor may be my favourite person on the planet right now).

Aside from getting a good look at Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader (how great was it when he threw shade at Clark Kent), we also got to see Doomsday leap onto the screen, Superman acting up and the world turn against the Man of Steel (‘God hates aliens’, according to one of the protest posters).

Wonder Woman

But perhaps the best part of the entire clip was when Diana aka Wonder Woman surprised the boys with her super strength.

Gal Gadot looked incredible wielding the Amazonian warrior’s knife and shield while sporting the heroine’s bronze suit, thigh-high boots and crown.

Why is Batman holding a gun?

Not to mention she kicked complete ass, protecting both Batman and Superman from a major blast – proving creators have every intention of making the latest version of Wonder Woman as powerful as her comic counterpart (the most powerful character in DC).

Check out the clip below and tell us what you think.

BTW we didn’t catch Aquaman in there, did you?

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