Marvel’s (and Netflix) Jessica Jones made a connection with not one, but two other Hell’s Kitchen heroes during the first season.

For those out of the loop, the first 13 episodes of the latest Marvel series were released on Netflix last month and have since received rave reviews from pretty much everyone (I haven’t read any bad reviews, you?).

While Krysten Ritter’s portal of the bad ass heroine with a hellishly contagious attitude (seriously, I was walking around calling parents ‘breeders’ for a couple of days there) was enough to make the show a standalone success – the series does ultimately connect to the larger Marvel Universe or specifically Marvel/Netflix Universe.


For example, remember the divine fella with the unbreakable skin and superior strength? Yeah, Luke Cage, is the first connection to the rest of the universe because he has his own series coming to Netflix next year.

But that’s not the only hero Jessica connected to this season – although he didn’t make a physical appearance in the episode (we were totally expecting him to), Matt Murdoch aka Daredevil was introduced to the heroine by the Night Nurse aka Claire.


Daredevil fans will remember her from the first season of Daredevil, during which she assisted him with many life threatening injuries and even managed to win his heart a little.

In episode 13 ‘Smile’ the familiar face is seen assisting the reluctant heroine, Jessica, and an unconscious Luke when she discovers they are both ‘special’.

While Jessica expects the nurse to be a little put off by their abilities, Claire is actually calm and accepting because: ‘you’re not my first [superheroes]’.

After assisting Jessica in moving Luke out of the hospital and to her apartment, the nurse circles back to her experience with super-humans, saying she has ‘a friend like you and Luke, he makes life hard for bad guys’.

Daredevil Night Nurse

While she doesn’t mention Daredevil by name, it’s pretty clear he’s the ‘friend’ she’s referring to.

So now that Jessica has a connection to both Luke and Matt, do you think this means we’ll be seeing her in both their forthcoming shows?

We have no doubt she’ll pop up in Marvel’s Luke Cage (hello they have to hook up again – they’re totally hot) and according to a few Daredevil season two rumours, Jessica Jones could make an appearance in the series alongside Punisher and Elektra.

Side note: you could say she connected to three superheroes during the first season, did you catch the little Captain America running across the screen mid-season?

What did you think of the first season of Jessica Jones?

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