“Well shit” – what more is there to say when you discover a very distinctive walker bite mark on your body?

The season six mid-season final of The Walking Dead saw the undead make their way inside the once fortified Alexandria, one key character killed off and our main characters realise one thing we’ve know all along – they all really want to call Alexandria home.

Before I go any further, I’d like to say thank you to the writers who did the unexpected and actually followed through with the storyline everyone wanted to progress and not flicked over to the Daryl, Sasha and Abraham filler very few actually cared about.

Now back to the mid-season final.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8

The walls have fallen and like a swarm of ants to a day-old cookie, the hundreds of walkers surrounding Alexandria made their way inside.

This isn’t the first time the group’s refuge has been invaded and seemingly destroyed (the prison, the farm, Woodbury etc.), but it is the first time the group is actually willing to fight (really hard) to keep it.

Perhaps it’s a case of not knowing what you’ve got until it looks like you could be losing it, but characters such as Rosita and Michonne emphasised the group’s connection to the town and their newfound status as ‘Alexandrians’.

There’s also the title of the episode, which is pretty indicative of their dedication to Alexandria – ‘from start to finish’.

If that’s not enough, Deanna also made a point of reminding Rick that he doesn’t only have the responsibility of saving his people but to rescue all residents who are (whether he likes it or not) ‘his people too’.

         “I didn’t go out there to help you because I think you’re a good man or a good father or that you can grow one hell of a beard, I ran over to help cause you’re one of us,” Deanna told Rick on her dying bed.

Yes that’s right, dying bed.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8 Michonna and Deanna

The leader of Alexandria fell with her town this episode after receiving a nasty bite while assisting Rick.

Her response upon discovering the mark was classic (and probably one of her best moments on the show): “Well shit.”

Sorry to say that I’m a little glad to see her go – it’s not because I disliked the character, on the contrary I found her interesting, bearable (unlike others that have passed their expiry date *cough* Abraham) and one that brought a different perspective (focus on the future) to the series.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8

However, her departure means Rick will be able to step in and completely control the town… once he takes it back from the walkers of course.

It will be interesting to see whether Alexandrians accept his authority or if he’ll be forced to bring someone like Michonne on board as a diplomatic leader while he controls the town’s defence.

A few thoughts from this episode:

  • Both Jessie’s sons are super annoying.
  • Carol’s honesty with Morgan was hilarious.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8

  • Carl is a bad ass
  • Maggie is clearly smarter than Glenn because she climbed the ladder instead of running towards a dumpster #JustSaying.

What did you think of the mid-season final?

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