Marvel had some big wins this year – Ant-Man and Jessica Jones – and unfortunately one minor loss.

Fantastic Four delivered a bit of grey to what would have been a bright year for the entertainment company, earning $160 million in the box office – only $40 million more than the production budget.

While we wouldn’t consider $160 million to be a complete flop, it does fall $358 million short of Ant-Man’s $518 million earnings and $170 million under the $330 million made by the 2005 Fantastic Four film starring Jessica Alba and Chris Evans.

Fantastic Four

With such an unexpected and underwhelming response, it now appears 20th Century Fox and Marvel have decided to pull the plug on the flick’s sequel.

The second film had been penciled in for 9 June 2017 but now according to Box Office Mojo, the date has been replaced with ‘to be determined’.

Although a ‘TBD’ doesn’t confirm the movie’s cancellation, it doesn’t offer much hope to fans.

Earlier this year, writer and producer, Simon Kinberg, said he still had hope for the second project despite the slow response to the first flick.

He told Entertainment Weekly that he was trying to figure out which direction the sequel could take and that he was keen to see the same cast return to their roles.

Are you disappointed by the decision?

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