After months and months of patiently (kind of) waiting, fans finally got their first glimpse of Captain America: Civil War.

The hilarious Jimmy Kimmel had the pleasure of unveiling the world premier of the official trailer earlier today.

We watched it around 10 times and were left wanting more like right now:

I want it now gif

With each viewing we spotted something new and even more exciting that gave us a good idea of what to expect in the forthcoming flick. Check out the 12 things we found below:


1. Got a glimpse of Team Captain America

Team Captain America


2. And witness them in action

Team Captain America 2


3. We finally got to see the Black Panther suit on screen 

Black Panther suit


4. And watched him using it to kick Bucky’s ass

Black Panther


5. We saw Bucky attempting to rip out Iron Man’s ark reactor



6. And spotted a female with black nails accepting what looks like important paperwork. Is it Jessica Jones?

Black finger nails

Probably not but wishful thinking (although the Capt. is referenced in Jessica Jones and a little Captain America runs across the screen in another scene).


7. The Capt. becomes the unthinkable – the ‘bad guy’

The Capt

“If you can’t accept limitations than we’re no better than the bad guys.”


8. And he does the unthinkable – turns his back on some of the Avengers

Captain America 4

“He’s my friends.” “So was I.”


9. Black Widow is Team Iron Man, but also a little Team Captain America

Black Widow


10. Rhodey falls in battle. He looks dead…



11. Stark has a black eye pretty much throughout the entire 2.26 trailer

Iron Man


12. And of course, Chris Evans is still as gorgeous as ever

Chris Evans


Check out the full trailer below:

Did you spot anything else?

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