‘Heads Up’! Alexandria’s walls are crashing down – well at least one wall is.

The latest episode of The Walking Dead has been dubbed one of the best this season because it answers one major question, raises new ones and brings about the potential destruction of Alexandria.

Let’s start with the biggest reveal:


Green is for Glenn 


We were totally right, Glenn is… alive!

For those who can’t quite remember, last we saw Glenn he had fallen off a dumpster and into a swarm of walkers thanks to a suicidal Nicholas.

While it seemed as though the hungry undead were tearing into the beloved character’s guts, it turns out they were actually digging into Nicholas who had landed sideway over Glenn – thus giving him the opportunity to slide away and squeeze underneath the dumpster.

There he hid for what may have been days until the walkers cleared out. As he emerged, the thirsty survivor is handed (or thrown) a bottle of water by Enid.

Remember Enid? The girl that ‘disappeared’ when the wolves invaded Alexandria. The girl we believe was working as a mole in Alexandria for the wolves.


Anyway, as a rebellious teenager with a major attitude problem she runs away from Glenn, but not before telling him about the invasion at Alexandria. Because Enid didn’t stick around for the end of the invasion, she doesn’t know if the town’s people survived and passes her doubts on to Glenn.

Although the former pizza boy could have made his way back to the town, he opted to track down Enid and force her return ‘home’ with him.

Reluctantly she does so but not before giving him a brilliant idea on how to send a signal to Alexandria to let them know he’s alive – fill green balloons up with helium and release them into the sky.

It worked too. Everyone in Alexandria was taken aback by the floating spheres and Maggie was convinced they were sent up by Glenn.

But while the town was focused on a bunch of balloons, something HUGE happened…


Alexandria’s walls came falling down 


It was a shocking way to end the episode.

Throughout the entire 42 minute instalment, the camera kept returning to a building that was slowly losing stability.

Who would have suspected that when it finally decided to give in it would fall toward Alexandria and take out one of its walls?

With hundreds of walkers right at their doorstep, we’ll have to wait to find out how Rick and the crew survive (or if Alexandria survives).

Meanwhile, with such a dramatic ending it raises the question…


Will petty arguments add fuel to the upcoming chaos? 


Before Glenn sent up the balloons and before the tower fell, pretty much everyone in Alexandria was mid-fight with a fellow resident.

There’s Jessie’s son Ron who was trailing Carl with a gun in his hand – he wants revenge because Enid was clearly into Carl.

Carol was playing spy for Rick and demanding Morgan tell her who he had stowed away in a prison cell.

Michonne was flicking through Deanne’s expansion plans for Alexandria and was taken aback by one element.

Rick was tearing down Father Gabriel’s prayer circle posters.

Rick was also pretty pissed at Spencer (Deanne’s son) for attempting to leave the town by crawling hand and foot on a wire hanging over a sea of walkers.

We’ll have to wait to find out more, hopefully the next episode will return to the current storyline but we have a feeling it will focus on Daryl, Abraham and Sasha again.

What did you think of the latest episode?

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