It’s hard to imagine Vikings without the ambitious and quirky Ragnar.

He is the lead character and a pretty important part to the entire series.

But it looks like the TV character will follow the same fate as the legendary Norse ruler earlier than expected – and be killed off during the fourth season.

Shocked? So are we.


This news was actually released in October this year (we’re just a wee-bit behind), when Executive Producer Michael Hirst said they’re planning a ‘very graceful’ departure for Travis Fimmel (Ragnar) who is leaving the show to work on the forthcoming movie adaptation of Warcraft.

In mythology, Ragnar was killed by King Aella of Northumbria (the first English king to suffer at the hands of the Vikings in Season 1) who threw him into a pit of snakes.

However, towards the end of Season 3, Ragnar is terminally ill and we suspect writers will use this illness to ease him out of the series.


         “It’s very important to know that he’s not only sick; he’s hovering between life and death,” Hirst said. 

“So that impacts hugely on the beginning of season 4, which we’re working on now. It’s a big story point.

This then leaves us with the big question – who will replace King Ragnar?

It makes sense for his eldest son, Bjorn to take the throne, however, we suspect the power hungry Rollo will attempt to take it along with Aslaug who has already expressed interest in ruling Kattegat in the Season 4 trailer.

Vikings returns to the US on 11 February 2016.

Can you picture Vikings without Ragnar?

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