There’s always a risk when movie studios take a beloved video game and convert it for cinema.

Some fans embrace the bigger picture while others feel letdown by the lack of effort and creativity from writers and directors who rely on game’s popularity to sell the film.

Taking all that into consideration, the guys over at Universal have taken precautions to ensure the forthcoming Warcraft movie isn’t just a film adaptation of the game, but a ‘film to be recognised in its own right’.

arcraft 3

In fact they say their approach to the movie is so unique that it’ll change the way future video games are adapted for cinema.

How will this be done? By introducing good and evil on both sides, developing a multi-layered story and focusing on humanising all characters.

In a video released on IGN, Director Duncan Jones said he wanted to bring about balance between humans and orcs to ensure viewers could identify with both sides and individual characters.

Warcraft 2

               “[Duncan] wanted to bring the same kind of balance to the screen play as you would experience as a player in the game, so actually feel comfortable rooting for both sides,” Executive Producer Stuart Fenegan explained.

“Duncan really cares about character and that’s what’s going to distinguish Warcraft from just a video game adaptation,” Fenegan added.

Meanwhile, actor Clancy Brown, who will play the power-hungry orc Blackhand, said fans will appreciate the culture of the movie and the way it will change ‘the way video games to movies are done’.

Warcraft image

“Duncan has the enthusiasm of a child on this and the grasp of a great mind,” Brown added.

“He totally gets this whole world and certainly the whole story.”

Warcraft is scheduled for release in June 2016. Check out the first official trailer below.

Are you keen to see how the game converts to cinema?

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