Just as the first half of Doctor Who Series 9 finished airing on TV, the episodes rolled out on DVD around Australia and New Zealand.

Breaking tradition this year, BBC opted to split the DVD releases into two parts – giving Whovians the chance to re-watch the first six episodes before the season ends…

… OR perhaps it’s because Peter Capaldi is headed to Australia later this month for the Doctor Who Festival and BBC wanted to give fans the chance to get a Series 9 DVD signed.

Either way we’re stoked because the first half of the season has been incredible and now we get to relive these five epic moments over and over and over again:


1. Like when Maisie Williams first appeared on-screen


There’s nothing better than seeing your fave Game of Thrones star cross over to your favourite TV series.


2. And when her character, Ashildr, was able to create a hologram dragon to take on ‘Odin’

THE GIRL WHO DIED (By Jamie Mathieson and Steven Moffat)


3. When we got to see the Doctor as a ghost


It was kind of creepy with the hollow eyes – but don’t worry, nothing is as creepy like the weeping angles and The Silence *shivers*.


4. Plus his awesome guitar scene


Time traveller, shape shifter, saviour and now an epic guitarist – what can’t he do?


5. And of course, there was that EPIC moment when the doctor rode a Dalek as a dodgem car

capaldi in davros chair

That’s right ladies and gents, he finally did what we were all thinking.


SPOILER – this is for those that have watched past episode six:

How awesome was it finding out Clara isn’t Clara


What did you love about the first half of Doctor Who?

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