He looks the same, sounds the same and even shares similar personality traits – but h’e definitely not the Dr Harrison Wells we met in Season One…

… he’s Harry.

That’s the nickname Cisco ever-so-reluctantly gave to the Dr from Earth 2 in the latest episode of The Flash.

In case you’ve forgotten, the Harry crossed over into Earth 1 in the prior installment. Disguised as a hooded hero, he rescued our speedster from King Shark before revealing his identity.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take too long for most of Team Flash to come around to the alternate version of Wells despite all the trauma and mess left behind by the previous Dr.


This some what open-arm welcome was mostly because the team is way too trusting and they believe that this Wells is not the same as the other version (this is a little confusing).

And it’s true, he’s not the same Wells.

Aside from have a super relaxed nickname, Harry is a lot more fashion forward than the previous Wells and he doesn’t have a speedster from the future inhabiting his body (we totally called this one).

Additionally, he has a daughter (who appears to be of some value to Zoom) and as Cisco pointed out, he’s not evil like Wells but he’s certainly a d#ck.

While he may not be the same man, there’s something hauntingly familiar about the ‘greatest tech entrepreneur’.


Oh wait, I know what it is – he too has a major evil genius secret.

Care to guess what it could be?

Here’s one working theory based on the final few seconds of the latest episode during which Zoom briefly chats with Harry’s daughter whom he is holding captive.

During their interaction, Harry’s daughter seems to be more pissed than scared – this is despite being his prisoner. Her lack of fear suggests she’s familiar with her captor and that she dislikes him more than she fears him.

When Zoom says ‘it looks like your father has abandoned you’, it sounds like Harry and his daughter may have been helping Zoom with something – maybe Harry was assisting him to save his daughter or maybe it’s because he too is evil…

… or maybe it has something to do with Harry admitting that he ‘created’ Zoom. Now we know the particle accelerator was responsible for creating all metahumans but Harry specifically said that he created Zoom –  we’re taking that line literally.


On another note, Cisco’s secret is finally out thanks to Harry’s metahuman detecting watch. The team took the news really well, he put his power to good use AND Barry got to name him – Vibe.

Do you think Harry has a secret?

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