Michael loves Jane, Jane loves Michael but Jane also loves Rafael who is totally in love with Jane.

It’s TVs most fascinating (and hilarious) love triangle that could be losing one of its edges in the coming weeks – the WRONG edge.

Last week we saw Jane share a kiss with Rafael and while she seemed to have enjoyed it, it failed to live up to same romantic and passionate kiss shared with Michael in the latest episode.

To quote dearest Jane, it was ‘the best kiss of her life’.

Awwww totes sweet, but we can’t help but cringe because Michael is SO NOT who she should have chosen. Sorry buddy.

Yes, Michael is totally cute, he’s a great listener, he’s extremely sweet, very thoughtful (loved the diary he left on her pillow earlier this season) and he’s always there.

He’s practically perfect, but yet completely wrong for our Jane.

Here’s why we think Jane (the Virgin) should choose Rafael (again, sorry Michael).


As we said, Michael is perfect right? But that perfection feeds into Jane’s OCD – it isn’t healthy



She needs someone with rougher edges who can loosen her up with unexpected kisses, hugs and random events…

Chapter Fifteen


Like falling pregnant while getting a ‘pap smear’



Or proposing in the middle of a writing seminar



Discovering a parent was killed by a step-parent



Oh and there’s dealing with a psychotic-ex wife who impregnated herself using sperm and a turkey baster – fun challenges right?

Jane the Virgin


He’s a hotelier so he has a pretty hectic schedule, this will keep Jane on her toes which is important because she can’t sit still for too long

Jane the virgin Rafael


But his life won’t restrict her or stop her from following her own dreams – he’s already proven he wants her to be a success (aww)



He listens… most of the time



And tells the truth… most of the time



He goes with the flow



But isn’t afraid to speak up when he doesn’t agree (healthy debate is important in any relationship)

Jane the Virgin


He is always dressed to impress

Jane the Virgin





No really, ALWAYS (he’s even matching her here)

Jane the Virgin Jane and Rafael


He is a great father

Jane the Virgin


Not to mention, he looks REALLY good with a baby in his hands

Rafael with baby


No, REALLY  good



He laughs, even when Jane is making weird faces like this

Jane the Virgin Rafael and Jane


Abuela Alba says he’s the one – and if you’re going to listen to Abuela about not spoiling the ‘flower’ then you should probably listen to her about this



Assuming she changes her name, Jane Solano sounds slightly better than Jane Cordeo #JustSaying 



He’s had it tough (murdered dad, missing mum, bizarre sister, psycho ex) and kinda deserves something incredible – like a relationship with Jane



And of course there’s this…

Jane the Virgin shirtless


And this…



Aaaannd this

Jane the Virgin


Que guapo! Ay Jane, no quieres despertarte a esto?


Michael vs Rafael – who do you think Jane (the Virgin) should have picked?

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  1. Rafael for All of those reasons the chemistry is amazing they should do a movie together where there’s no Michael. lol I hope she marries Rafael and loses her virginity to him how sexy would that be l loved there pool scene.

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