Glenn’s fate was put on-hold this week on The Walking Dead as writers turned their attention to an old favourite.

If you haven’t watched Season 6 Episode 4 click here to read another GDU story OR catch up with this quick rundown:

The 62-minute installment retraced Morgan’s steps from the self-loathing, slightly insane and dangerous character we last visited in Season 3 to a peaceful survivor.

It filled in gaps like where he spent the last few seasons (in a cabin on the border of Atlanta), how he came to be a kick-ass fighter (Agiko) and how he managed to break free of his emotional prison (losing his wife and son) to become a life-cherishing vegetarian.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 4

For more details you’ll need to watch the episode, but the key message we took away from the latest chapter is: Morgan has found a new way to survive in the post-apocalyptic world – a way that requires a whole lot of trust, patience and little-to-no killing.

This could potentially change the entire series.

Up until now, The Walking Dead has been a very ‘kill or be killed’ kind of show – it’s all about survival of the fittest baby.


Whether it’s killing walkers, killing for food, killing enemies and even killing each other – violence runs strong throughout the series.

Along the way, a few characters have come along and attempted to change Rick and the crew’s perspective on killing.

For example, Beth tried to soothe them with her singing and innocence – she ended up getting shot; Hershel attempted to change Rick on several occasions and even managed to calm him a little in the prison but all that went to sh#t when the Governor came along; and then there’s Gabriel, who through obvious judgement attempted to guilt the group into following a different path, but uhhh who listens to Gabriel?


However, the main reason why this lot failed to introduce peace was because they never really experienced the ‘real world’.

Beth and Hershel were held up safely on the farm until Rick and the crew came along, while Gabriel was locked in his church.

Rick overpowered their attempts at peace by saying things like “you don’t know what it’s like out there”. And once they did find out, they ditched peace for survival.

But Morgan is different. He’s lived in the ‘real world’ and been tainted by it.


He’s been in Rick’s shoes and has come out the other side knowing that with a little conversation, some Agoki and personal reflection, survival doesn’t have to be tied to murder.

Unlike the peaceful bunch before him, he’s walked both sides of the grass and this could give him a little more credit over Rick’s crew like Michonne who seemed to be coming around in episode three or even Daryl who is starting to see through Rick’s closed-off attitude.

And based on past situations, we know that if enough of Rick’s crew decide they want to try something new he’ll fight it at first but will eventually agree to give it a go in order to keep peace amongst his friends.

So could there be a more peaceful tone coming to The Walking Dead? Will we get to see a post-apocalyptic world that doesn’t involve killing or shutting out every outsider? Or will adopting a peaceful strategy lead to their demise?

What do you think? Is it possible for Rick and the crew to survive without killing?

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