You may think you’re tough and live by the motto: ‘aint nothing can scare me’…

… but when Samara disjointedly climbs out of that TV screen, even the bravest of us looks for something to mask our eyes.

GDU is helping you keep calm during and after your next horror movie marathon with these helpful (and not-so-helpful) tips:


1. Avoid entering rooms alone – during and a couple of hours after the marathon


Having a living person with you at all times (not a weapon) is necessary for at least a couple of hours after the movie marathon.


2. Take a torch with you – just in case


Automatic lights are a thing now  – there’s nothing scarier than lights randomly going out right after watching a horror movie.


3. Open closets with caution – if something falls from above you’re likely to sh#t yourself



4. Don’t take baths after sun down for a few weeks



5. If you hear a random sound, don’t follow it just turn in the other direction and walk away (quickly)



6. Always check the back of your car before you get in – this one should be a regular precaution



7. Keep phones charged at all times – but also keep them on silent cause random vibrating during a scary movie is just not necessary


What are your tips for surviving a scary and horror movie marathon?

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