The US night of horrors has slowly infiltrated Australia.

In 2015, it’s evil powers are at their strongest with more youngeons (and adults) slipping into their scariest (and sluttiest) costumes to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve aka Halloween than ever before.

While some, particularly those in Mexico, uphold its traditional purpose as a day to remember the dead, others will go door-to-door asking strangers for sweets, decorate their homes with carved pumpkins and play scary pranks.

And then there are those (like us) that will lock themselves in their living rooms and torture themselves watching every scary movie in their top list of horror flicks.

For those planning on doing the latter, here are 10 movies we think will get you sh#t scared this Halloween.


1. Nightmare on Elm Street


“1, 2 Freddy’s coming for you…” so run b#tch – run!


2. The Babadook


Never reading random books again.


3. IT


FML I hate clowns.


4. The Strangers


Based on a true story – really? So messed up.


5. Cabin in the Woods


I don’t go on holidays with friends for a reason…


6. Paranormal Activity saga


One and two are sh#t but wait until you get to three – 😨


7. The Conjuring


Sh#t scared until the possession – then it just went too far.


8. The Ring (Japanese and English versions)


Can’t look at static TV screen or girls in white dresses and long black hair.


9. The Grudge (Japanese version)


That sound! That sound!


10. Mirrors


That scene in the bathtub- *shivers*

Have a grotesque Halloween guys!

Click here for GDU’s seven tips to stay calm during and after a horror movie marathon.

Which movies get you sh#t scared?

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