AMC presents the most stressful episode of The Walking Dead – EVER!

I suggest closing this page now if you haven’t watched Season 6 Episode 3 yet.

For those who have, are you feeling a little like this right now?

The Walking Dead

Or saying this over and over and over again:

Friends Oh My God gif

Because not only did FIVE people die in one episode (four guys and one gal) BUT one of them happened to be a series favourite.

Glenn! It was Glenn!

We watched as that adorable face screamed in fear and apparent agony as a sea of walkers surrounded him and tore into his guts. But whose guts were they tearing into?

Let’s rewind for a second.

Prior to falling into the pit of undead, Glenn was standing on a dumpster with a guilt-striken Nicholas (feeling remorseful for all the people he’d abandoned in the past) and surrounded by walkers.

When we say surrounded, we mean there was no end to the walkers. They were everywhere, see:

The Walking Dead pit of walkers

In a bid to either give himself some redemption or just escape from his current situation, Nicholas decided shoot himself in the head.

HIs death alone wouldn’t have made much difference to the show (see ya newbie), but as his dead body collapsed, it also took down… Glenn!

We watched (mouth wide open) as the nerdy pizza boy turned loving husband turned thoughtful leader, fell into a swarm of walkers – all eager to get their hands on his fresh meat.

From there, we’re not 100 percent sure what we believe. Here’s why we think Glenn might not have ended up walker chow:

As mentioned above, Glenn has fear in his eyes, walkers are tearing into guts (maybe not his) and then his face disappears and the swarm completely comes down on him.


But whose guts are they digging into?

Isn’t it possible that in order for Nicholas to have complete redemption, his body would have fallen on top of Glenn and shielded him from the clawing walkers?

Is it possible that once the walkers tire of Nicholas’ rotting corpse they simply walk away – not realising Glenn is alive?

Or maybe one walker bites into Glenn a little but the bite isn’t anything that can’t be chopped off later to prevent the infection from spreading?

Additionally, the actor who portrays Glenn on the series, Steven Yeun, didn’t show up for his farewell interview on Talking Dead. Instead the show had the words ‘please don’t let it be true’ pop up towards the end of the episode, Vanity Fair reported.

Not to mention, Yeun hasn’t addressed the ‘death’ in any interviews yet nor has he spoken about it on social media to his fans.

All the evidence is there guys – Glenn is not dead (please don’t be dead).

Is this really how we say farewell to Glenn? It can’t be.

Did we miss anything? Are there any other reasons you think Glenn might still be alive?

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