Marlene and her ‘hype team’ are back in action – getting fans all riled up for Pretty Little Liars’  6B.

The crew dropped a ‘5 Years Forward’ trailer over the weekend, featuring a few spoilers which raised a few questions while offering a sneak peek of the girls almost half a decade after ‘the big A reveal‘.

For those who may be out of the loop – the mid-season final (in August) revealed Cece aka Charlotte aka Charles (Ali’s older sister former brother) as the stalker who taunted the girls throughout their teens with texts, threats and murder.

Having ‘solved’ the big mystery and left their adolescence behind, the series will jump five years forward during the rest of the season.

And while they may think the threat is over, a new one is coming (clearly)

We analysed (perhaps over-analysed) the clip and here are 27 things we learned about 6B:


1. They’re taking us back to school

PLL school


2. And Radley

PLL Radley


3. Cece thinks five years is enough time for forgiveness – uhhh nah b#tch

PLL Cece

“Do you think they’re still upset with me.”


4. Emily still dresses the same – is she the least developed of the group?

PLL Emily


5. Ali doesn’t attend the reunion at the cafe – BTW was the cafe always called Radley?

PLL cheers


6. According to Hanna, they had five ‘A-free years’ or so they think

PLL A-free


7. But Spencer does point out that ‘a lot has happened – good, bad and ugly’

PLL alot

Could she be referring to some secret stuff that may have happened during the five-year break? Like… why Hanna and Caleb split?


8. Hanna shows Aria an engagement ring in the cafe

PLL Hannah ring


9. But that’s not Caleb she’s making out with

PLL Hannah kissing


10. Did Haleb have a miscarriage?

Hannah Child

In the five minute preview of Season 6 Episode 11, a little kid is sitting next to Hanna on the plane and she’s being all sweet with her – we almost believe it’s her child until the mother comes to pick her up. I think this indicates that she either had a miscarriage at some point during the five years or she can’t conceive and it was too much for her and Caleb’s relationship.


11. Cece wants out of Radley 

PLL Cece Hoodie


12. Jason returns to the show

PLL jason

He along with Alison, Ezra, Mona, Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Aria attend the court hearing.


13. They’re still afraid of Cece

PLL afraid


14. Alison is a school teacher

PLL Alison teacher


15. They agree to lie for Ali again

PLL Spencer Aria


16. And apparently they’re going to regret it

PLL regret

“I thought we could just lie for Ali one more time and it wouldn’t matter – but it did.”


17. Caleb is still in it!

PLL Caleb

He may not be with Hanna but he’s still there.


18. The messages are back

PLL messages

“You know what you did and I’m going to talk.”


19. Something happened with Aria

PLL Aria delete

“Time to reveal what really happened that night” – there’s security footage Aria stepping into what appears to be a hotel elevator being erased. Why is it being deleted? What happened on 12 September?


20. And Ezra

PLL Ezra

Aria: I know why you did what you did and I will do whatever it takes to help you.


21. Ezra has anger issues 

PLL Ezra anger

“Who do you think I am. Get out, NOW!”


22. Melissa is back

Melissa PLL

“We all have a past Hanna, aren’t you curious what she’s going to use against you?”


23. Sara is back or is Emily just imaging it (she better be)?



24. The girls are allegedly ‘smarter and stronger’

PLL girls

“This time you’re smarter and your stronger.”


25. There’s a new guy chatting to Aria

PLL new guy

“There’s a fine line between trouble and high adventure.”


26. Cece or Charlotte is still very much a part of the series 

PLL Charlotte


27. Caleb is still a bad ass computer hacker

PLL Caleb 4

Check out the clip below.

Pretty Liars returns for the second half of Season 6 on 12 January 2016.

Did you spot anything else?


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