“I’ve been working on something… It’s a surprise.”

Just taking a wild guess here, but could Oliver be talking about a new lair?

Prior to the Season 4 premiere, Arrow teasers revealed several key changes to the show, including a new Arrow superhero name (check), a new uniform (check), a blossoming romance with Felicity (check) and new digs.

While most have come to pass, we’re still waiting on Team Arrow’s new office.


The latest episode suggests were not too far from seeing it.

After rekindling his friendship with Diggle in the latest episode, Ollie revealed to ‘Original Team Arrow (OTA)’ that he was cooking up something – ‘it’s not a secret, it’s a surprise’.

Could Oliver be talking about the new lair?

It’s the perfect time to unveil new digs considering Felicity practically destroyed the current space while fighting the card-throwing meta-human, Double Down.


Based on pre-season teasers, new digs will feature a King Arthur-type round table (perhaps to emphasise equality in the group) as well as new high-tech equipment, several suit storage spaces and a Batman-inspired vehicle parked in the back.

Can’t wait to see if we’re right.

In the meantime, what’s going on with Felicity’s phone?

It’s ‘playing up’ in the science lab at Palmer Technologies and at the end of episode three the word ‘Felicity’ flashes across her screen.

Could it be Ray Palmer aka The Atom attempting to contact the new VP of Palmer Technologies?


Last time we saw Ray, he died in an accidental explosion while attempting to ‘Ant-Man his suit’ or in the DC world, miniaturise it.

The trouble with Felicity’s phone could very well be Ray attempting to seek help from inside the Palmer Technologies computer network (wild guess).

Once he returns, he will join Sara (who was resurrected in episode three) and The Flash’s Captain Cold and Professor Stein in the forthcoming DC series, Legends of Tomorrow.


Oh and just quickly, does anyone else think Laurel will be the one to die ‘in six months’?

Before resurrecting Sara, Malcolm told Thea that bringing someone back in the pit comes with a price. He was referring to potential personality side affects, but in all shows and movies that feature resurrection, the price to pay is usually with another life.

We think in this case it may be the life that brought Sara back – Laurel.

What do you think Oliver’s surprise is?

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