Captain Cold showed off a warmer side on the latest episode of The Flash and even hinted at a potential move into heroism. 

Fan favourite Wentworth Miller, who plays the chilling criminal, Lenny Snart, returned for Season 2 Episode 3, bringing with him that classic Cold sarcasm and a touch of humanity.

Having appeared regularly throughout Season 1, each encounter with Barry aka The Flash exposed a softer side to the sadistic criminal mastermind.

However, the latest episode focused on bringing a bit of background to Snart’s life choices and setting the character up for a transition into one of the Legends of Tomorrow  (along with Sara – the Canary and Ray Palmer – Atom).


This was done with the introduction (and swift departure) of Captain Cold’s father, Lewis Snart.

Lewis, a former police officer turned thief, does his ‘job’ with little regard for casualties. He was also abusive towards Snart’s sister, Lisa, as children – the only person he seems to care about.

So after Lewis injected Lisa with a bomb that could be set off with air, tampering or a trigger, Snart agreed to join his father on a mission that could potentially compromise his morals.

Believing Snart had been kidnapped, Lisa approached Cisco and Team Flash to assist in his rescue but it was Barry who discovered Cold was actually in a frosty position.


Despite initially rejecting Barry’s assistance, Snart eventually realises he needs the Flash’s abilities to avoid breaking his own ‘code’ – killing innocents.

After Cisco successfully removes the bomb from Lisa’s neck, Snart turns to his father and shoots him in the heart with his cold gun.

“He broke my sister’s heart, it’s only fair I break his,” he explains to Barry.

Despite the murderous act, the episodes exposed Cold’s weaknesses and potentially melting heart.


We now know he isn’t as bad as he’d like us to believe and there’s some hope in him becoming one of the good guys – although we hope he never loses that hilarious sarcasm.

His move into heroism was hinted during his final conversation with Barry, during which The Flash tells him he doesn’t have to let his past define his present, to which Cold responds with humour, “so I should be a hero like you Barry?”

Other great moments from the latest episode was Dr Stein’s ‘high blood pressure’ which actually turned out to be blue flames emitting from his body – this is an indication that another half of Firestorm (according to Wikipedia his name is Jefferson Jackson) could be joining the cast soon – like next episode.

There was also the return of Dr Wells during the final few seconds of the episode (OH EM GEE!).

Do you think Captain Cold is on the road to becoming a hero?

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