It’s Back to the Future day!

Marty McFly, Doc and a passed out Jennifer will enter their DeLorean in 1985 and step out 30 years later at 4.29pm on 21 October 2015 – TODAY!

Universal and the Back to the Future trilogy Facebook page have spent weeks hyping up their arrival with flash back videos, an official anniversary hashtag (#BTTF2015) and Back to the Future-inspired competitions.

They even created a one minute and 12 second ‘official’ commercial for the iconic ‘Hoverboard’ Marty encounters during his future travels.

While some aspects of Marty’s ‘future’ have become part of our reality (3D, digital advertising, wireless videos games, tablet computers, mounted televisions, video conferencing, etc.) and changed our everyday lives, the Hoverboard is one yet to become accessible to the masses – not to say it doesn’t completely exist.

That got us thinking about the floating skateboard and how its existence could potentially impact our day-to-day operations.

Here’s what we came up with:


1. If the Hoverboard existed (in everyday life) it would definitely move faster than a skateboard & require less foot work

Back to the Future II hoverboard gif


2. Which means we’d be able to get around much quicker



3. Without huffing and puffing everywhere we go



4. We’d spend less money on petrol because who would want to drive when you can just hover?



5. And we’d totally save some extra dollars cutting back on short distance public transport trips



6. They’d be great for a much-needed escape



7. And help you sneak out of the house without alerting anyone to your movements



8. Impressing peers would be a piece of cake (just as long as you’re riding without the handles)



9. Especially when you’re hovering around in the Biff Jnr version



10. Families and friends would have more opportunities to bond while ‘hooking on’



11. While enemies would run from or chase each other a little faster (just remember not to hover over water)



12. Grocery shopping would require a lot less strength 



13. Because the Hoverboard could just carry and drag your food alongside you



14. But best of all, you’d never need to pull out the ladder to reach something high up again



15. Because you could just pull out the Hoverboard for a little extra height


How would the Hoverboard make your life easier?

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