There’s only a little over 24 hours until the day all pop-culture enthusiasts have patiently waited 26 years for finally arrives.

It’s the day humans travel via flying cars and jackets inflate to fit. Shoes automatically tie-up while youth entertain themselves on floating skateboards.

Video conferencing is all the rage and 3D animated sharks pop out of advertisements.

But more importantly tomorrow is the day Marty, Doc and Jennifer arrive in the ‘future’ in their time-travelling DeLorean.

Did you see the DeLorean in Sydney earlier this month? Click here to check out photos

A number of inventions predicted in the late 80’s flick were once deemed as ‘outlandish’, but today some are very much accepted as the norm.

For example tablets are almost everywhere you go and we love out flat screen TVs. We have facial recognition software, video glasses (although who really uses them?) and finger print recognition.

Plus we’ve even had a few last minute advancements, such as  Business Blueprint Channel‘s world first 24-hour business TV channel, which launched exactly one month ahead of the 21 October 2015 deadline.

However, not all the futuristic ideas from Back to the Future II became a reality – some thankfully and others disappointingly.

Here are five Business Blueprint Channel found we’re still patiently waiting on:


1. Yo scientists, where’s the expandable pizza?

Expandable Pizza Back to the Future

C’mon, if any of those Back to the Future II predictions should have become a reality it should have been quick expanding pizza.

Unfortunately while our scientists figured out how to print food on a 3D printer (great achievement by the way), expandable pizza is still a part of every foodie’s dreams.


2. Could probably do without the automatic dog walker

automatic dog walker

This would definitely come in handy for those long days in the office. However, what’s the point in having a pet if you can’t even be bothered taking it out for a walk?


3. I’ll pay via thumb print please


Soooo at the moment our thumb print is only handy for unlocking Smart Phones and solving criminal cases. But technology is changing everyday and payment methods are continuously evolving so we wouldn’t be too surprised if banks roll out ‘tap and go thumb print’ systems in the coming years.


4. We still need to take out the rubbish :/


Yo scientists, lets also make automatic trash cans happen too… please 🙂


5. Get fit while you eat


There’s no doubt people in the 21st century are very food and health conscious, and while there may be a small market out there that would enjoy exercising while eating, we don’t think it’ll be seen in mainstream restaurants anytime soon.

Do you still have your fingers crossed for any Back to the Future II predictions?

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