If you’ve watched the entire second season of The 100 then you probably think you already know the answer.

But a partially unaired scene shared by Entertainment Weekly may change your mind.

*Spoilers ahead*

I say ‘partially’ because it’s more an extension of a scene we’ve already seen.

It’s taken from Episode 7 ‘Long Into an Abyss’, during which we discover Dr Singh and Cage Wallace have defied President Wallace’s orders to cease experiments on ‘the sky people’.

Remember it?

After injecting a fellow Mountain resident with one of The 100’s blood, they send their young colleague outside to test its viability.

The blood works for a few minutes until the girl starts shouting in pain.


That’s when the pair debate whether to let their peer back inside or “get a full reading” by allowing her to die from radiation poisoning.

Wallace puts up a half-hearted case for her return before sympathising with her pain.

But that touch of compassion was overpowered by Singh’s scientific reasoning and desperate desire to leave the mountain.

“Science takes time. There are dead ends and blind alleys on the path to every breakthrough,” she says.

“It’s a sacrifice for the greater good.”


Click here to watch the video.

For more deleted scenes you can pick up a copy of The 100: The Complete Second Season on DVD in Australia today.

It features a behind-the-scenes look at The 100’s version of Earth and a special gag real.


To celebrate the release, GDU are giving fans the chance to WIN one of three copies.

Click here for more information.

Do you think Wallace showed a bit of compassion in the scene?

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