“I’m sorry did you say War of the Americas?”

“I’m going to let you have that one because I kind of like it.”


The young genius responsible for bringing a lot of laughs to The Flash is battling with his own inner demons right now and it looks like his secret is coming out… kinda.

It was only a matter of time until someone realised he could ‘perceive things’ and in the latest episode it was fellow scientist Professor Stein who noticed the unlikely odds of Cisco having two correct hunches in one day.


While we weren’t surprised the other half of Firestorm discovered Cisco’s powers, we were a little taken aback by Cisco’s reaction.

The character that has shown the most interest and enthusiasm for meta-humans finally has a power of his own and it turns out he’s a little afraid of its capabilities or better yet its origin.


“Wells said he gave this to me,” he told the Professor.

“I’m seeing things I don’t want to see or know. I don’t want anybody to know about this just yet.”

And his wish came true because not too long after their one-on-one, the Professor passed out.

Based on the Firestorm references Stein had made earlier in the episode – “not putting two heads together again” – we think this may be a hint that he’ll definitely connect to another meta-human with the same ability or maybe Ronnie is coming back? He could have been sucked into the breach and ended up in an alternative version of Earth?

We’ll soon find out.

Other things that surprised us this episode were:

The Flash is by far one of fastest moving shows on TV – and it’s not just because the lead character can out run light.

* When we found out there’s several versions of Earth each with their own Flash

* Somebody other than Joe actually wants to hunt down meta-humans

* Oh how could we forget, Dr Wells is back! Mother f#cker

Did you catch last week’s episode of The Flash? Our head is still spinning from that unexpected death. Read more

What surprised you in the latest episode of The Flash – ‘Flash of Two Worlds’?

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