Rick and his team of southern survivors are back this week for the sixth season of The Walking Dead.

Just as AMC or Foxtel (for us Aussies) prepare to air the first episode, we compiled a list of things the team at GDU really want from the forthcoming episodes.

No pressure script writers.


1. Ditch the Sheriff’s hat

Carol season 5 the walking dead

At what age does it stop being cute for Carl to walk around in his father’s old hat?

A friend pointed out to me not too long ago that his voice has cracked and he’s as tall as Rick but he’s still sporting the hat.

We get it, your dad gave it to you and for the most part we don’t even realise it’s there, but WTF dude? Ditch the Sheriff’s gear.

Maybe the Sheriff’s hat is a symbol of the youth he missed – we don’t know but we do know it’s time for it to go.


2. Meet the newbies

Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Yep, yep – can’t wait to see what the newbies bring to the series and of course, how long it takes for them to die.

Earlier this year, Entertainment Weekly revealed there’ll be at least three new characters joining in Season 6 including Denise Cloyd (Merritt Wever) – Alexandria’s new medic.

There’s also Carter (Ethan Embry), a character made up of different people from the original comics and there’s Heath (Corey Hawkins), a supply-runner for the town.


3. More Carol & Daryl


All characters on the show have come along way, but none as far as Carol.

The woman that once coward at the sight of her husband now threatens young children, deceives with her motherly smile and is willing to do anything (seriously anything) to survive.

We can’t wait to see how her character develops further this season and if she’ll continue to be the hand that feeds Rick’s crazy.

One thing we really missed from Carol last season was her interaction with Daryl. We love their platonic relationship (script writers please don’t turn it into a romantic one) and want more Carol and Daryl (their names even rhyme – adorable) time.

In a recent interview, Norman Reedus (Daryl) revealed the two will share a special moment this season when they encounter a walker in the woods. #CantWait


4. More Michonne and Daryl

Michonne and Darly

Okay, if writers want to introduce a love interest for Daryl then it needs to be Michonne. They’d be so cute together AND their babies could be total slayers with sword and bow skills. #WeWantDaronne


5. The destruction of Alexandria


Anyone else see Rick and his crew as the destroyers?

Survivors should shut their windows and lock their doors when they see this group approaching because they will bring the walkers and the fire and destroy that little bit of sanctuary.

Honestly, they burned down Woodbury and the prison (loved the prison!), set fire to the farm house and they blew up Terminus.

Not to mention, the guy in the bunker at the Centre for Disease Control decided to set the self destruct a day after meeting the group.


Now I can’t wait to see what they do to bring down the little town of Alexandria.

Will they set it on fire? Will they let the walkers invade? Or will this be the first bit of shelter to survive two full seasons? Only time will tell.


6. Rick vs Everyone


The group’s allegiance to Rick has slowly been slipping for a while, even his most devout friend Michonne is looking at him a little differently.

His character has become increasingly paranoid, vengeful and violent.

We expect the people of Alexandria won’t be too keen to follow his example (even though he makes some very valid points) and we get the feeling that some members of his team will back away from him slowly too.

We smell mutiny.


7. Trim that do


It’s time. Daryl needs to give the hair a bit of a trim, we need to see that gorgeous face.

And just while he’s getting a little bit snipped off, maybe he could take a quick shower and get a new outfit. #JustSaying


8. The return of funny Glenn

Glenn the Walking Dead season 1

Remember Glenn in Season One? He was so light and funny.

Then he met Maggie and became this serious character completely focused on survival.

We get that it’s part of the character development, but he’s just not as interesting to watch anymore. So we’re really keen to see where they take his character this season and if a little bit of the relaxed Glenn makes a comeback (especially now that they’re within the ‘safe’ compound).


9.How many characters are killed off this season


We wonder if writers will surprise (and potentially piss fans off) us by killing off a series favourite or one of the original characters. Only time will tell, but can I just say, Michonne, Daryl, Rick, Carl and Carol need to stay. Okay thanks.

What do you hope to see in the sixth season of The Walking Dead?

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