We’ve seen her squeeze an alarm into tiny bits during a wake up call and floor patrons at a bar for a nightcap…

..but apparently we haven’t seen the extent of just how dark Jessica Jones is yet.

That is, according to fans and media given an exclusive look at the entire first episode of the new Netflix/Marvel series.

That’s right, THE ENTIRE FIRST EPISODE one month ahead of its official premiere.

Jessica Jones

Hoping to catch a few spoilers of the series opener, we hopped onto Twitter to see what fans had to say and as far as we can tell it’s exceeding all expectations.

Collider.com’s Editor in Chief, Steven Weintraub, said it’s ‘dark and funny’ plus ‘more adult’ than he expected’.

4 Your Excitement Content Editor, Jamie Harsip, concurred, saying fans will be ‘blown away’ by the show and by Krysten Ritter’s performance.

Fan, @iBrunoHero was beyond excited about seeing the entire first episode and revealed that it featured a few flashbacks with David Tennant (Doctor Who) as the villain Kilgrave.

Speaking to media at the event, Ritter said she was ‘thrilled’ to be joining the Marvel squad, especially as the first female title.

          “I was surprised by a lot of things during filming. Every two weeks I was blown away by how they [the writers] kept upping themselves.”  

Check out Season One teaser below.

Are you excited to see Jessica Jones in action?

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