Daredevil fans at this weekend’s New York Comic-Con (NYCC) were given an exclusive glimpse of new villains, heroes and action coming in Season 2.

The 30 second preview opened with a wrap of Season One before transitioning into 30 seconds worth of new footage from Season 2.

As GDU wasn’t there, we relied on a low quality (but so thankful for the upload) video, shared by a fellow series follower. Click here to watch the video.

BTW: Love the reaction from the guy towards the end of the video – but seriously, what did it say?

Footage shows Charlie Cox reprise his role as the sight impaired vigilante with a mission to clean up his city.


There’s also the return of Elden Henson as his quirky best friend, Foggy Nelson, and Deborah Ann Woll as the former victim turned legal secretary, Karen Page.

The teaser opens with a voiceover of Murdoch asking his priest and confidant: ‘Why do I still feel guilty?’.

The father tells him ‘guilt can be a good thing’ before advising that he ‘still has work to do’.

From there, the clip moves into short, quick shots of various action scenes. We couldn’t make them all out but we spotted Elodie Yung as Elektra and Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle aka The Punisher, walking down what appears to be a hospital with a gun in his hand.

Speaking at NYCC, Daredevil Producer, Marco Ramirez, said the show will ‘push the envelope’ even further in Season 2 with darker storylines and darker characters.

          “You wanted grounded, you wanted dark, here’s Elektra, here’s Punisher.”

Also joining the show next season is The Butler star, Stephen Rider as District Attorney Blake Tower.

Rider’s character will join forces with Murdoch, Nelson and Woll to protect the people of Hell’s Kitchen and bring down the baddies.

Daredevil is set to return to Netflix in 2016 along with Marvel’s Luke Cage.

Did you see anything else in the 30 second teaser?

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